Stars bleeding scarlet as they fall from the skies,

Salt tears dripping down from your blue-silver eyes,

Towers fall and break, and crumble and crack,

Acid rain falls from clouds bruised and black,

Here is the Earth, our once glorious home,

And we're the ones who destroyed it, humanity alone.

No rest for the wicked

In the quietest, darkest night,

Far before dawn's milky light,

Everyone rests but you and I,

Beneath one dark, star-dusted sky.

No dreamer's haven tonight will come,

No blissful peace into which we run

So easily at other times,

Sung to sleep by the softest rhymes.

Those rhymes, tonight, sound like screams,

Moonlight lances down in threatening beams,

Spearing us awake with restless minds,

Bodies so still but brains so alive.

Lying awake, yearning for sleep,

Waiting for dreams to drag us down deep,

No rest for the wicked, that is, you and I,

As black turns to grey in the blanketing sky.


Only when you're beaten,

Battered, bloodied and bruised,

Only then, then only,

Does your true power shine through.

Only when you're fighting,

Everyone else's fights,

Only then, then only,

Do you really prove your might.

Only when you're sleeping,

In the silent, quiet night,

Only then, the only,

Do I see what you're really like.


You laugh because I'm different,

You laugh because I'm strange,

I smile because you're ignorant,

I smile because you're the same.

You whisper because I'm weird,

You mutter that I'm a freak,

I just smile and just know that,

At least I'm not a sheep.

You hate because you're jealous,

You despise my simplicity,

I turn and just ignore you,

I'm who I want to be.


At night,

When dad's turned of the light,

The noises start,

From the closet,

And under the bed,

The scratching,

The howling,

The screaming,

The growling,

Make me shiver,

And hide,

Under the covers,

Dreading things lurking,

Fearing the stories,

Of blood-sucking monsters,

From the realms of the deep,

I feel the breath,

On the back of my neck,

The drool dripping down,

Hot on my back,

I hear the grunt,

Right in my ear,

And inside,

Up come the fear,

I scream,

And suddenly,

Dad comes along,

And turns the light on,

And now,

It's all right,

The monsters are gone.

I'll be ok

I'll just keep on smiling,

And laughing and playing,

And when you all ask,

I'll keep on delaying,

You know something's wrong,

And you know I won't tell,

But I really don't want,

To drag you down as well.

That's why I keep,

My lips buttoned and drawn,

I won't say a thing,

Though I'm bleeding and torn.

Maybe one day,

You'll find my suicide note,

And you might just wonder,

How I ever coped.

But for now what I'll do,

Is keep laughing and playing,

I know that it's definitely,

Depression I'm delaying.


Birth, the wonder of life is created,

Innocence of the young yet to be tainted,

Exploration filled with magic of the unknown,

Discovery of the facts, which has long been postponed,

Disappointment of the world and its cruel ways,

But whipped up in Love's steamy red days,

Hate for the soul that broke your frail heart,

Followed by joy as another life starts,

Sorrow sets in like a cold winter frost,

Remembrance for the youth that is lost,

Death for the ending as life has past,

Peace after chaos and heaven at last.


If to cry is to feel,

And to love is to live,

If in death you find peace,

And it's right to forgive,

If listening to learn,

And to fight is to win,

If to dream is to wonder,

And to relent you give in,

If to doubt is to fear,

And to wrong is to shame,

If we have the sunshine,

We must first bear the rain,

If this is all human,

What mortal am I,

To simple these wonders,

And limit the sky?


Falling down and drowning,

Clinging to sanity,

Or insanity,

As I'm tossed up or down,

I just don't know any more.

I can't concentrate on this conversation,

Because I can always hear you,

As loud as a thought,

Whispering behind my back,

I can't sleep in my bed at night,

For the fear of you sliding a knife,

Between my ribs and into my fragile heart.

I let myself be carried further away,

From reality,

Or fantasy,

And into the darkness of a daydream,

Or a sleeping nightmare,