1 Second of my LIfe–

i'm drowning in your faithlessness
my eyes closed feeling hopeless
in the shadows of tonight i'll be paranoid
why don't you just
shut up and listen, boy

say what you want
when you want
but i'll never be there to hear you
not ever cause it's nothing real, just taunts
nothing fair or deal, just lies
you'll never learn will you

watch me as you please
gaze at my wounds
watch me bleed
watch me go, see through me
and know that there's nothing left
no matter, no care,
just know that there's nothing left.
take my hate and desire and
set it on fire,
make it burn, hot and anxious
running back for more
clawing at me till i'm raw and sore
i don't blink

if you made a cut on me
for every sin i've done and made
then my body would be red, crimson
looking as if turned inside out, but really
personally, i think i'm innocent.
guess i thought wrong

if i could change i would
just wished i could erase all the shame
and forget about all the pain
you know,
it's easy in your eyes
but in my heart and soul it's

A//N:: Credit to Faithless Juliet for the line "i don't blink". Check out her amazing and inspirational poem, "Justin".