Who am I?

I am the calm before the storm,

The fury of the wind itself.

I am the flower struggling to bloom.

I am the anger of the ant,

When her nest is invaded.

I am the laughter that fills the room.

I am the cold in the window,

Freezing the pane.

I am the heat radiating from the ground.

I am the song of the mountains,

That whisper in the hills.

I am the tree that falls without sound.

I am the words in the pages,

Of a well-worn book.

I am the smell of huckleberry pie.

I am the scent of pine trees,

Throughout the house.

I am the wind from cars passing by.

I am the croak of a frog,

In a sun-warmed pond.

I am the wind through an eagle's wings.

I am a furious fire,

Raging through the woods.

I am the tune a nightingale sings.

I help and I hinder,

I love and I hate.

I am a human girl.

I succeed and I blunder,

I work and I laze.

I do my best to take on the world.