Chapter One

It was a perfect day. The sun was shinning, there was a nice breeze, and there wasn't a worry in the air. It was another beautiful summer day in Ashton, Idaho.

Down off of Parkinson Road, Megan Robinson was having the time of her life playing with her two best friends, Brittany Collier, and Clark Reynolds. The three kids were laughing as they ran around playing make believe. They were at the park, as they usually were found. The field of brownish-green grass seemed to stretch on for miles; it was the perfect place to be anything they wanted.

Today it was a castle standing 100 feet high with 10 floors and made with quartz crystal stone. Clark was the handsome prince. He fit the part too. His hair was the color of chocolate brownies with a golden-honey shine to it. It was combed neatly sitting on top of his little face. He had the face of a baby: cute, sweet and adorable. He always comforted others and tried to make things better, everybody loved little Clark. He had the biggest brown eyes the color of a warm fuzzy teddy bear that looked at you when you were talking, letting you know you had his attention.

He was riding his white stallion, searching for the princess. He then came to Brittany, who was playing the part of a lost little kid trying to find the princess. Brittany had the talent of many faces. She could be anything necessary to get what she needed. When her parents said "no", she could be the sad, poor little child and get her way. When her teachers favored a kid who participated, she would do that. When her grandma was waiting for a sweet little girl to give a hug to, Brittany changed into that person. She could be anyone she set her mind to- it was her dream to becoming an actress, which she had a pretty good shot at becoming.

Her hair was the color of sand; the color she inherited from her mother, whom had gotten the gene passed down from many generations. She wore it a few inches below her shoulders. Her eyes were like two pools of the sea- a greenish blue that made her look like a taste of the ocean, which was very uncommon in Ashton.

Clark and Brittany rode off on the horse, searching for the locked up princess. There she stood, waiting to be rescued, Megan. Her hair was shimmering from the sun which shone on her cherry-brown hair cut right at her shoulders. Her deep brown eyes were always welcoming and comforting. She looked like a princess standing there smiling when she saw her rescuer.

The kids continued laughing, playing and smiling. Soon it became dark and the three kids started their way home on Parkinson Road. The first house they came to was the little white house with the name Reynolds hanging on the green, front door.

"Bye, Megan! Bye, Brittany!" Clark said as he turned to enter the driveway.

"See you tomorrow Clark!" Brittany said waving good-bye.

"Good night!" Megan peeped watching her friend's door slowly close shut.

Megan and Brittany walked across the street to a gray, small, one story house with the cluttered basement.

Megan and Brittany hugged.

"I'll see you tomorrow Megan." Brittany said still hugging her best friend.

"You too." Megan replied as they quit hugging and Brittany walked up her driveway.

"Hey, Brittany?"

"Yeah?" Brittany turned around, one hand on the front door handle.

"Thanks for being my friend… I don't know what I'd do without you," Megan said looking at the ground.

"I'm glad we're friends too. I wouldn't be able to last a day without you. Good night Megan."

Then she left.

Megan knew Brittany didn't mean the sentence about not lasting a day without her. Megan felt the sentence were more realistic for herself. Brittany's family loved her so much. Anyone could see that. She would always have them to fall back on. But for Megan, home life was a nightmare. She began he walk across the street and down two houses to the crème colored home that was waiting for her.

"Megan Caroline Robinson! Where the heck have you been! I told you to come home when the street lights go on and that was 20 minutes ago!" Yelled Heather Robinson as Megan entered the house.

"Sorry, Mom. I was just walking Clark and…." Megan started, tears already forming in her eyes.

"Now don't you interrupt me! I'm your mother- and when I tell you to be home at a certain time you will come home, got that?" She continued.

"Yes," Megan peeped.

" I can't have a six year old running around the streets at night. You are gonna get hit by a car or kidnapped or something, understand?" Heather yelled on.

"Yes," Megan peeped again.

"Now you can get yourself to bed right now and I don't wanna hear a word from ya till tomorrow! 'Sides, six year olds need their sleep." Heather pointed her finger to the room around the corner.

Megan was boiling inside; she wanted to smack her mother. She was about to cry as she stormed away and screamed,

"I'm seven!"

"Might as well be four with that snotty attitude you've got yourself." Heather snapped back.

Megan stormed off in tears slamming her door behind her. She looked out her window, which faced the front yard. Looking over at the Collier's house she told herself,

" I bet Brittany's parents are kissing her good night and sayin' prayers with her."

Megan wiped her own tears and kneeled along side her bed.

"…Please help living here bearable, Father. Please give me a sign that running away isn't what I want…" Megan cried.

Just then she heard her father, Steven Robinson pull in the driveway. She listened as her mother told him what a pain Megan had been and that he needed to "take care" of Megan's behavior. She heard his footsteps come over to her room and she saw him walk by her.

"Whatcha doin', Megan?" He looked down at her.

"Prayin'. Why doesn't Mom ever pray any more?" Megan looked at her father.

"Well she doesn't really think it does any good." Steven replied.

"But it does, Megan. It does." He kissed her forehead and tucked her in.

Tonight was a good night because her father got home from work before bedtime. Megan only hoped he didn't leave before the sun came up as he usually did. She lay in bed thanking God for answering her prayer by sending her dad home early. She listened as her parents talked outside her room in the living room.

"Steven, did you show her what's what?" Heather said through her teeth.

"I took care of it, Heather. I took care of it." He answered.

"Well good, 'cause I can hardly take that girls attitude now." Megan heard her Mom get up and open the back door.

" Heather, she is only seven years old… she is still a child." Steven walked toward Heather.

"Well she sure is actin' like a baby with all that rain she's been givin' me," Heather snapped.

"Let's just give her a break," Steven said.

"Now don't you tell me what to do and when to give her a break! You ain't the boss of me! I get enough of her attitude as it is. I don't need you to come home and lecture me!" Heather said storming back inside and slamming the door shut.

"Heather, I know it's been tough but maybe if we just calm down," Steven began.

"Steven! You shut it! I don't need you to tell me to calm down! I am capable of my own self! First you tell me how to handle my daughter, now you are tellin' me how to run my own life! Well you know- I don't need any of it! So you can just …"

Megan put her pillow over her head and forced her eyes close as the yelling of her mom started for the night. She was ready for the next day so she could be with her friends away from the yelling of her mother.