You are my only friend,

Without an end,

That I have right now,

You've seen me down and seen me high,

Blue as the sky…

Will you shine your light on me now?

So I could have some of your radiance to make my life a little brighter?

This is too good to be true,

To have to be blessed to know you,

You have no idea what you have done to me,

The way you see…

I'm blessed to even know you.

You've understood me from the beginning,

Seen me through my sinning,

You've become my only one, true,

Person that I could relay on telling you,

Telling you things that I have never admitted before,

To any human soul.

The weird thing is,

I've never met you,

But I feel like I have,

I feel like I've know you for years,

And sometimes I feel like we've never met.

Yet, I'm still blessed to even know you.

The only thing that I hate about this relationship,

Is that you aren't here for me,

In real life,

School and home,

You can't come over and rescue me.

I guess that's okay,

Because I'll (hopefully) always have you to come home to,

Figuratively speaking,

Of course.

But, I am still even blessed to know you.

I just hope that my blessing doesn't walk away,

Because you have put the sunshine in my dark cave,

Kept my heart's kindling glow.

You've changed my life,

And made it better,

You're the reason I am living,

Holding onto hope,

Grasping onto love,

Reaching for life.

Thank you for blessing me.