Title: Beautiful
'Verse/characters: Adrian and Elizabeth Fawcett at the Blue Door Cafe
Prompt: #87 Life
Word Count: 500
Rating: PG for slight language
Notes: The first part to my story! Please read and tell me what you think!

Adrian readjusted the strap of her bag and forced herself to concentrate on the building in front of her. She would answer the water's call once she secured them a life.

Elizabeth had no such convictions. Adrian heard Elizabeth's sharp intake of breath and grabbed her younger sister's hand before she could run screaming into the surf.

Soon, she promised her sister.

Very soon, she promised herself.

The man with lots of curly blond hair, Kyle something, was talking as he flipped through his many keys on his one key ring. He hadn't noticed their moment of weakness. "The last person to use this place was a jacka—jerk. Didn't take good care of it, not like it deserved you know? This building has been in my family for decades, it's got character and shi—stuff. You ladies look like people who would appreciate a place with history."

Adrian barely hid a smile. He had no idea.

Kyle something finally found the right key and unlocked the faded wood door. He held the door open and gestured the two inside. "It's a bit dirty but nothing a washcloth and a can of paint won't fix."

It was more than just a bit dirty. The white walls were covered in smudges and cobwebs. The honey colored wood floor was littered with trash and unidentifiable objects. There were a couple small tables and mismatched chairs stacked haphazardly in the far corner of the shop, the perfect place for rats to hide, and the wrap around shelves behind the long curving wood counter on the right side of the large room had a layer of dust on them that had to be half an inch thick.


"We'll take it." The two said at the same time.

Kyle something raised both his eyebrows, "Don't you want to see the rest of the place first?"

Elizabeth shrugged, peeking through the brown paper covering the picture window next to the door. "We'll still want it."

"And the house you showed us earlier." Adrian added while she contemplated the walls. Pink, maybe? She was craving color almost as much as she was craving ocean water.

Kyle something broke into a grin, showing two dimples and multiple laugh lines. "Alright! We can go through this place first then I've got to meet some people across town but I can bring the papers to make this all yours tomorrow."

They both smiled and followed Kyle something through the building. It was big and had a friendly air that couldn't be muted by the top layer of grime. Adrian could already imagine the wood door with a fresh coat of paint, royal blue or jungle green paint, flung open and people lounging in the seats with a smoothie to take a break from the heat of the boardwalk. Or in the winter when only the locals stuck around; a group of people would always come round to catch up over a cappuccino.

It would work, they would make it so.