I hope you like the way she tastes (while you laugh in the background)
Though it'd get under my skin, but I'm not a revolutionist
Condemn me to a life of sin; I'll damn you straight to Hell

Bloody stains on the carpet, not from masochistic ways of love
Over reactive shades of green, there'll be screams tonight
But like before, not from love (not from love)

You thought it was over and you were wrong
Dead wrong!

Shitshitshit, the door was locked, the shades were shut
You thought the sound could not escape
But when whispers pass over close shoulders
The only thing that's heard is (whispers)

You'll cry in guilt, you'll plead in vain
Beg me not to scream your name
You hate that sound, that awful sound

I spoke so many lies, I let things slide
We all know I can't let sleeping dogs lie