Why is it that when humanity is secluded from anything else, it begins to flourish at an uncontrollable rate; almost too fast for the sentient creatures around it to catch up to pace. Technology, advancements in science. Attempts to use their knowledge to completely interpret the world around them to the point where nothing is a mystery. They want knowledge. They want complete understanding and will push themselves to the terminus ad quem of their bodies just to gain this tenuous bit of knowledge about an infinite world; while they are only finite themselves. Merely humans, simply a species which has grown to unhealthy proportions. A species through which intelligence spreads like an inevitable parasite that changes them; changes us. Society. Politics. The scientists like myself who strive for these advancements. Community. Nations.

But I suppose, without this increasing intelligence we would have died out long ago, much like the previous races of man before us. Their lacking of common sense and technological properties had not quite reached the level of aptitude needed for survival; so they died like many other things before their time. I must face the facts: Humanity simply cannot cope with the world around them without this quest for higher i cognition. /i Though it did not have to come to this tragedy.

All of this suffering was unessecary.

And that is why I am scrawling the letters upon this page of faded paper; in this notebook that contains information which lead up to this disaster and world-wide tragedy. It began when America had launched their nuclear weapons upon Germany; rumours of genetic mutation and human experiments like those of the Holocaust beginning once more, though these times, they had effects were more shocking. Grotesque monsters who had once been humans roamed in pens like animals; their spines on the outside of their bodies, sharp spike-like osseous tissue protruding from appendages and necks. They were afraid that these things would be used in battle-like situations, the bones having the capabilities to excrete nurogenic poison.

When we fired upon them, demolishing everything that they had created; setting free the monsters we had not managed to obliterate in the flames of explosion… They retaliated with the same brute force we had. The sky turned scarlet on the day of our destruction, mushroom clouds bursting up along the horizon, mixing with dust, mixing with ash. Those who did not die started to fall ill to nuclear fallout – amongst other things. It seemed that nuclear weapons were not the only thing that landed on our soil. Biochemical weapons that changed the genetic nature of humans, animals, everything were unleashed. It slowly killed the nervous systems in a person, cutting off all brain functions. It was then the virus… No, disease… began to regenerate the systems that had been lost in incredible extent, acting much like a cancer. The sudden increase of brain activity brought them to life but only with one primary function, the most barbaric and lowest to achieve. They wanted to feed on anyone and anything.

The rest of the countries blamed us for starting this. They said we were the cause of World War three. We got no help from them, nor could we do anything to help ourselves. Our society was falling apart as our civilization was ravaged with sickness and death; and soon enough those mutated beings began to infect others, the disease spreading fast through our remaining population. We took into hiding, and they began to use us men of science to produce weapons to use against the Germans. Us. We took it a step further; taking the disease and altering it. Taking it past the point of simple regeneration and turning life-forms into the walking dead. We made their bodies mutate, damn it! They grew extra appendages, arms, legs, claws began to burst from their finger tips. We bred killing machines! My stupidity amazes me as I look back upon it now… Like it would really help us in this war. Like turning their own populace against them would change a damn thing. No, it just made matters worse.

The new disease also spread through our country, as well as Germany when we launched a missile filled with the new genetic plague. Our people were careless. We ended our own lives; as well as the hundreds of people who died because of the disease, not just in Germany. But in other countries as well. We were bombarded with more missiles, and other main powers began to attack themselves in an attempt to wipe out what he had started. We… we went into hiding. Us thirteen scientists. We had caused this new mutation that started to run rampant.

But as time past we began to realize that our disease (which we lovingly named Genocide) significantly decreased the length a body could remain in that state without completely falling apart or becoming weak through decay. In months, hundreds began to die, though hundreds took their place. It was a never ending cycle; but it gave us hope. For now.

I'm afraid my time here is at an end.

They're here. They've finally caught up to me; which is why I'm writing this. I could not run any longer.

The extermination squads are coming.

Fear the new societi-