No! Not back in school! The pain! The torture! Fine, so it is fun (especially my Anthropology class… love it!) , unless you cant sleep the night before and nearly fall asleep in classes… anyway, thanks to my reviewers and people who've put this story on alert or in their favorites!

Vincent led the way with a candle in one hand and the other gripped tightly in mine

The passageway began sloping downwards. I could see roots of various vegetation on the roof, which meant we had left the house and had begun going underground.

Oh joy.

I even saw worms crawling above our heads.

Did I mention I have issues of worms too? Especially when there is a whole bunch who with one wrong move could drop on my head?


So we're wandering through the passageway, keeping the flame down so it doesn't light the roof on fire, and I swear I hear something following behind us.

"Did you hear that?" I whispered to him.

He stopped to listen.


He tried to pull me along, but I swear I heard a noise that was closer.

"Something's behind us, I can hear it." I kept my hand on my small dagger that I had hidden in the dress.

And then I saw a medium size rock come flying out from further down the passage, and felt Vincent collapse, pulling me down with him.

"Crap!" I tried to get back up and defend myself, but the attackers were on us like sharks when they smell blood; they swiftly tied me up, gagged me, and began carrying me down the passageway.

One carried me bridal style, while one other held a light for them to see as they wandered further into the passageway.

I stared up into the hood of my kidnapper. The same eyes yellow eyes glared down at me, and I heard the thing growling.

Not cool.

The gag tasted horrible. Like rotten eggs horrible.

And then I began to feel sleepy. I figured they must've drugged the gag before they shoved it on my mouth.

I was out before I could properly scream.

Lights, bars, hay…

I woke up.

They had un gagged me and untied me, but had placed me in a fairly large animal cage. At least they had the decency to keep me clothed.

A guard was sitting near the fire, spitting out tobacco every so often.

I tried my voice.

All that came out was a squawk.

What the fricking Hades was wrong with my voice?!

The guard turned his head and looked at me.

"So that new concoction did work! I'll have to thank Bernard for that, it really helps keep captives quiet."

He came over and rattled the cage.

"Like your new home?" He laughed and returned to his seat. "Just wait until the master comes for you."

Double great.

Lets see what's wrong with my life now. I'm engaged to an invisible guy (if I'm still sane that is) I was almost attacked by a monster that has just kidnapped me and locked me in a cage, and now my voice is gone so I cant scream.

Well my life sucks, how about yours?

I began digging through the hay, seeing if there were any secret trap doors or ways of getting out of here. No luck.

And then the door banged open.

Clump, clump, clump

Dang that guy wears heavy boots.

I stood up and looked at my captor with the nastiest glare I could accomplish.

And then I spit on him.

He looked at the spit on his shirt, then wiped it off with a handkerchief (rather girly if I might add0

"Hello Molly." He said, unlocking the cage door.

Oh shit.

I stood in the back corner of the cage, hand in position in case I had to stab the man.

Although truth be told he wasn't that bad looking…

"Probably wondering why you're here."

I glared.

He patted my cheek. "No glaring, it ruins your very beautiful face."

I punched his cheek, and he just stared at me.

"Molly, don't you know? I'm a fairy, no mortal can hurt me."

That doesn't mean I cant try!

He came closer, and would've put his arms around me had I not ducked and ran out of the cage.

Okay, problem!

No exit doors in here!

He sauntered up to me.

"Vincent hasn't told you anything? Tsk tsk tsk, and aunt always did call him the smart one of the family."

That stopped me.

Vincent was a fairy?

He saw my questioning look.

"Yes my dear, your lover is indeed a fairy, cast out by his own kind because of his stupid ness."

I tried speaking, and ended up croaking.

He grinned, ran a hand through his black hair and walked to the other side of the room.

He turned to the guard who was still in the room. "Morgan, please go give my regards to Bernard for that wonderful concoction."

The guard smiled and poofed out the room. (And when I say poof I mean he was standing there one minute and then poof! He was gone)

Oh god.

Alone with a fairy. I've heard the tales of poor innocent girls being seduced by the creatures, then left to raise half fairy children.

Not cool.

He stayed by his side of the room though.

"Listen my dear, I'll make you a bargain. Bring my dear cousin back to me, and you can go on with your life as if none of this happened. However; if you fail in this task then I myself will take you as my bride and believe me; I show no mercy."

And then I was poofed back to the passageway I had been kidnapped from.

I tried speaking again. All that came out was croaks, squawks, and a weird whining sound that I never knew I could make.

"Molly!" I heard Vincent say. Warm arms soon embraced me and I felt him rest his chin on top of my head.

What am I going to do?