"He's a twat, get out of it while you can"
"She's too weak, it's such a shame"
"Relationships don't work on that sort of shit"
I used to say.
In my heart I know that they are all true
But it's also my heart that tells me I love you
Yes. You are a twat.
There's no excuse for what you did,
I should probably get out of it fast.
I'm too weak, but it's not a shame
The weakness is you- not the lust
Not the passion that's caused so much pain
I'd ditch that in seconds right now, with pleasure
But I need you just to talk and laugh and cry with
And that raw need for support
Hurts far more than what you've done wrong
And being this weak is far more scary
Then anything else we've done
I hope soon I can forgive you
Because then I can forgive myself
For not just walking out on you.
Because I could.
Just one, simple text.
" I don't want to see you again "