I can recall the instant my heart knew
You were everything but mine, that is,
When I saw your lips smash all crystal
Visions I understood to be the real you.

Ever since then, I've been in a state of inconsolability,
Mourning your sudden disconnection from
My life and fighting against the urge to harm
Myself for believing in your dishonesty.

Furthermore, the fact that I've waited so patiently
To emotionally and physically touch your midnight
Fantasy, then failed to be good enough for you has
Diminished my confidence in love so unfairly.

However, through this fog of maudlin that
I currently dwell in, the stars that you have
Betrayed appear tainted yet I have faith in their
Natural beauty to help me seek redemption.

I also understand that I've got to accept what
Has occurred, even if it means your heart
Not beating next to mine ever again, because I
Would die and waste plentiful potential if I don't.

For now I'm so sad in relation to everything about you and
Am not ready to confront alteration at this time, but I know
That I'll eventually experience pure bliss from a future
Moment until forever, whenever and wherever it may be...