The music was loud and rocking as he wove through the crowd of dancers. He had never seen the club with so many people in it before. It was his estimate that they were nearly at capacity. It was good to see such a large crowd since the last few weeks had been an ultimate low for customers.

The dance floor was absolutely packed. He wondered if there was any easier way to find his friends. He had made Jackie a promise that he would make an appearance as a friend, and not just the bar tender. Jay was also particularly enticed to do so because he had heard that Melissa was coming along.

He was given the news through the grapevine that she had broken up with Nick a few weeks prior. She was a free woman once again. This, he had mused, was the perfect chance to finally tell her how he felt about her. If only he could find her.

As the music slowed to a soft couple's dance, he turned around still trying to locate his friends. A heartbeat away from giving up, the crowd parted and there she was. Her shirt glittered a magnificent green under the lights and her eyes sparkled as she looked up at him. Neither of them spoke a word as she approached him.

Their lips met in a most casual manner as she came into his reach. He wrapped his arms around her body as the kiss became prolonged from mere chance. His heart began to melt as their lips remained together. The soft skin of her back was smooth at his touch, and he urged her onward.

She drew away from him just enough to rest her head against his shoulder. As she put her arms comfortably on his shoulders, he prayed she would not be able to feel the pounding of his heart. Random thoughts slipped into his head as they began to dance along with the slow beat. He wondered if maybe she was acknowledging how he felt about her.

Jay had had a crush on Melissa since they had met seven years earlier on their first day of college. He never quite got up the courage to tell her how he really felt even though she had figured it out a long time ago. She always made jokes at him about it, and for the sake of not pressuring her he did the same right back. In his heart he always prayed she would someday feel the same.

Having her this close to him was a dream come true he never imagined was possible. Closing his eyes to drink in the moment, he made a silent prayer to hold on. He never wanted to hold another woman for the rest of his life. Melissa was the one he really wanted. In his eyes, she was the figure of perfection.

A longing grew in his heart as he wondered if she was returning his affections. She had always been flirtatious with him and had never meant anything by it. Not to mention, she really had no reason to feel the same way he did. He had never given her a real reason to love him. He had to confess his love for her. If only he had the courage.

The music became faster again as the slow dance drew to a close. Breaking away from him, she turned back to the girls to continue their dancing. Jay watched her as she moved her body to the music. He had forgotten how beautiful she looked when she danced. He had also forgotten everything he had ever learned about dancing.

Slipping back into the crowd, he made his way towards the bar to go back to work. His mind was still flooded with thoughts from when Melissa kissed him. Concentrating on making drinks was proving to be a difficult task. Throwing himself into his work, he tried to put thoughts of her out of him mind.

"What can I get you?" He had a job to do.

"You know what I like?" A familiar voice floated across the bar.

Looking up from the glass he had been drying, his gaze settled upon Melissa's gorgeous blue eyes. Her chocolate curls draped around her face framing the feminine elegance. A glimmer in her eyes sent chills down his spine as he imagined their lips meeting once again. The tender smile she gave him was enough to wash away all doubts he had about her feelings.

As the music changed once again, a look of curiosity came to her eyes.

"Jay, do you remember when we took that dance class a few years ago?"

"Yes, I do, because you talked me into taking it by using your irresistible feminine charms." He did not like where this was going.

"Do you still remember how to waltz?"

"Not really."

"Can I use my feminine charms to persuade you to remember?"

There was something so innocent about the way she was asking that he found it very difficult to deny her. He pursed through his mind to muster up any recollection of the dance steps he had learned so long ago. Jay knew it would take an attempt at actually doing the dance before he would remember all the steps.

"You'll have to remind me how it goes." It was a huge risk of embarrassing himself, but it was worth it just to see that smile on her face.

Taking his hand in hers, he came out from behind the bar and followed her to the crowded dance floor. His heart was skipping beats as he placed his hand on her waist. Knowing she was an accomplished dancer it was only natural to let her lead. Hesitation was abundant as she began to step along with the music.

A fluttering heart was the only thing on his mind as he reveled in Melissa's presence. This was the perfect opportunity to tell her how he really felt. He swallowed hard trying to get up the courage to speak. Doubtful thoughts came pouring back as he held his silence.

"Is everything alright, Jay?" She could tell something was bothering him.

"I'm alright." He tried to pass it off. The look on her face told him he could not lie to her. "You remember the one night back in college when we got really drunk, and I told you I was in love with you?"


"I meant it."

"I know." Melissa paused for a moment. "I've known how you felt for a long time. I just could never get up the courage to actually do anything about it."

He did not know what to say. She had had the same problem he had with her. Maybe she really did feel the same now. This was the time to be honest with her. He had to know how she really felt. It was now or never.

"Melissa, when you kissed me before—" His voice caught as he tried to speak. He readjusted his hold on her to pull her a little bit closer. "Was that just a 'hello,' or was that—" They turned to the music, so he paused.

"Something more?"

As he dipped her down gently, he strengthened his support of her back. Their eyes locked together in the shimmer of the club lights. Gazing down at her he realized that she really was the mystery girl he had always dreamt about.

"Yeah." His words were a soft whisper. "Something more." Jay paused for a moment as he thought over what he wanted to say. "Knowing you for as long as I have, I've never know you to give a kiss without a good reason."

Her lips brushed dangerously close to his as he brought her back from a turn. Feeling his heart skip a beat, he tried to keep as calm a demeanor as possible as not to show his nervousness. The enchanting scent of jasmine filled his nostrils as he pulled her close. It was the first time he had ever noticed her perfume.

"You're intoxicating." There was no denying how taken with her he truly was. "Ever since college, I've had a hard time thinking of anything but you. And, I've spent nearly every day wondering if you ever felt the same about me." He had to pause to keep himself from getting worked up. "When you kissed me earlier, I hoped that it was something more than just a friendly peck. If not, please don't tell me." His prayers were with his final statement. "And, if it was meant to be something more, kiss me again so I'll know."

She did not move from her dance position. He could not tell if she was hesitating, Thinking, or just brushing him off. A fear came into his heart as each moment passed with no action from Melissa. As the song came to an end, he made the conscious choice to leave her alone.

As he turned away to leave, she reached out and grabbed his hand. Looking at her face in the shadows, he knew there was something that needed to be said. There was a cloak of hesitation as she attempted to speak.

"I'm not really sure how to say this." Her voice was strained and whispered.

Jay could just about hear her saying she did not share his feelings. Her grip never altered as she continued to hold onto his hand. His heart began pounding as she moved to speak. Closing his eyes slowly, he prepared for the blow. Melissa took a deep breath and leaned up to him.

The shock of the pressure of her lips on his caught him off guard. He let go of everything he had been holding onto as far as doubts. She had kissed him out of love and shared feelings. He wrapped his arms securely around her waist holding her as close as he could. Melissa had finally answered his prayers.