I watch you two leaving together, you supporting her because she was too fucked up to even walk, I know, know that this is all wrong, and every bone in my body is screaming at the injustice of it, propelling me towards you to do something, say something, stop this from happening, and now I'm shouting at you, calling you names, hypocrite, asshole, and you're giggling like an idiot, and she just looks pissed, "leave me alone" she says, but I can't, because this isn't right, I know she could be so much more than this, and I'm sick and tired of watching her do this to herself every night, I can't watch this self destruction, and you of all people, I thought you agreed with me, but you are looking at me like I'm a little kid who cant understand the things adults do, and I can't, I can't understand why you would take advantage of somebody who is so obviously not there, if that makes me a little kid, fine, it still leaves you as an asshole, and yes, I blame you, even if you're drunk and would never do this if you were sober, I don't care, you still know how she cries herself to sleep, how she cuts herself, you know, how could you betray her?, she likes you, she trusts you, don't do this to her, don't do this to me, my faith in human goodness is already worn, it can't stand this blow, this complete collapse of integrity from somebody I trusted, please don't do this, don't confirm every negative stereotype about guys that I've refused to believe, all we want is sex, no, that's not right, nobody would sacrifice their principles just to get laid, at least not you, right?, I thought you were better than that.