Sorry about the kind of lame ending. This is pretty much what I had written down, but with some things taken out. I didn't really have time to edit, but I wanted to get it all in type and posted, so here it is. Hope you like it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. For the title too, since I hate it. :)

"So when is the wedding?"

Charlotte and Plum were having tea in Plum's cottage. Plum was carefully repotting her purple lilies while Charlotte embroidered. The lilies had grown nonstop after they had saved her. Nothing she could do would make them quit growing, and it had gotten to the point where she needed several pots to contain all of them.

"In a week. James and I decided the sooner, the better."

It was only a month after the incident with Drake Clearwater and Clarissa. Her twin sisters were happily married and off at their new manor, living together with their handsome twin brothers Gerald and Justin. Plum was spending her last days as a single woman quietly in her cottage, minding simple tasks and cooking for James when he came to visit her. Her mother had protested vehemently against allowing her to live on her own, so she invited Charlotte to stay with her for a short time as a chaperone.

Plum didn't mind the older woman's company. She was easy to talk to, and didn't mind helping out with the little chores that needed to be done. As it turned out, Charlotte had worked as a maid for most of her life before Henry had found her. An interesting story, and Plum hoped that one day her sister-in-law would tell her the whole thing.

"And why is that?" Charlotte asked curiously.

Plum grinned. "Apparently, my reputation has gone to the dogs these past few weeks, and my mother is worried that the damage is irreparable. Really, we're doing this for her, in the hopes that we can restore it a little bit. And I'd like you to be one of my bridesmaids, if you want."

Charlotte looked surprised and pleased. "Of course I'll be your bridesmaid."

With a laugh, Plum continued. "Ana is going to be my maid of honor. Just think, people won't know who's getting married, me or my miniature twin!"

"What color will she be in?"

"Purple, of course. It must match my lilies."

And indeed, when the wedding day finally rolled around, after hours of preparation, the dresses were made in a light purple. The deep purple lilies looked beautiful against the lavender of the dresses.

Plum herself wore a simple gown of white silk, trimmed in lace. Her veil was simply lace topped by a silver tiara. Her hair she had left down in defiance to noble custom. She refused any corsets or fancy dresses that she could possibly trip over and ruin.

Henry escorted her down the aisle. "You look beautiful," he whispered. She beamed at him, radiant with joy.

James waited for he at the alter, his expression one of incredulity.

The priest married them with words sacred to the gods, used by nobles and commoners alike. Then he tied their hands together and handed the chalice holding the water of the gods first to James, who took a sip, then Plum. After that, they were married.

She had thought her happiness couldn't be any greater than it was at that moment, but as the wedding procession began to stand to leave, they stopped as the apparition of a small boy ran through the crowd.

Daren raced up to Plum and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Daddy says 'well done!' I love you mama!" Then he ran back down the aisle. There, at the end, were two people with red hair and jewel-bright eyes. They were both smiling and happy. Each took one of Daren's hands and they vanished in a flash of silver light.

The crowd was silent, awe on all the guest's—noble and commoner alike—faces. Plum's face practically glowed in her happiness.

"Was that…?" James asked.

She laughed at this disbelieving expression. "Daren, Noah, and Penny. They are at peace with the gods."

"As are you," he said with a smile, and to the delight of the crowd, kissed her full on the mouth.

The celebration afterward lasted long into the night. James and Plum settled themselves in a corner to watch and be somewhat alone.

The gods had apparently decided that taking away Drake's sense was a just punishment for his crimes. The lights were on, but nobody was home. His mind was gone, destroyed. Just the thought of it made Plum shudder violently.

The king had personally thanked them. It seemed that several villages had suffered from Drake's ministrations for the sole purpose of his "research." As a thank you gift, the king had entitled them to an estate that had recently lost its lord, one who had no heir. The lands needed tending badly. Crops had failed several years in a row now, and the village had found it necessary to buy supplies everywhere. Plum was to do with the crops whatever she could to help.

They'd held the wedding on the new estate. The whole village had been invited to meet their new lord and lady, and many people had showed up out of curiosity.

"James," Plum said dreamily.


"If our firstborn is a girl, can we name her Isabelle?"

"Sounds beautiful. What if it's a boy?" She could tell he was secretly hoping it would be a boy.


He was surprised. "Not Noah?"

She smiled, having known he'd think she wanted that. "No."

"Why not?"

Snuggling closer to him among the cushions set up for them she said, "Because I don't need to name our child after him so he will be remembered. I will always remember my family. And I like the name Gregory."

"Would you consider William?"

She smiled. "Maybe. And Daniella, for our second girl."

"Two girls? Why not two boys?"

She laughed. "Silly noble. Of course there will be two girls. They'll most likely be twins."

"Silly noble, is it? Then what does that make you? An uppity peasant?"

"Arrogant prig."

"I take offense to that."

Again she laughed. "A liar too, I see."

He grinned. "Ah, but you're strong enough to deal with it. We've already established that, I think. I never would have thought, before meeting you, that living through what you have was possible."

She rested her head against his chest, watching the colorfully dressed people dance together, nobles and commoners together, for once forgetting the differences in their class and smiled. "You're forgetting one thing."

"What's that?"

"I'm Plum."

- 3 -