Mechanical, I feel my wing twitch

once, twice, and then once more

jerking my head up-


and jolting my shoulders aright.


my feet take their tiny steps

my eyes blink haphazardly.

Everything is jerk-

ing around and

I can smell the sweet nectar

I can taste it in the breeze.

My wings tick like clock hands

up and down,

up and down

They can feel it in the air,

They long to feel the air.

I cry out in elation

when they unfold in their entirety

so many rainbow hues

I had never expected.

The forest breeze embraces me

and my tiny, wonderful wings

I feel dizzy at the sight of all the flowers

waiting for me.

I feel the music around me

the sun-dappled petals beckoning—

I think I've made it.

I think I've made it.