To Friendship

Gina hated it when he looked at her like that. They'd been friends for fifteen years, which is a long time considering that she was eighteen and he was nineteen, but she still couldn't read that damn look. She was trying to talk to him about her recent breakup with her boyfriend but he was just staring at her with that damn look. Why couldn't he be more sympathetic, she just got dumped and he couldn't even give her a sad "it's all going to be alright" look!

Trevor was trying hard to listen to her. He really and truly was but it was just so hard. The only words in the whole conversation he had actually heard where "Trevor, Greg cheated on me with some blonde whore." It wasn't that he didn't care, because he did, but how was he supposed to concentrate when she was wearing that black lace cami that showed off her rather large breasts, since she was leaning on the table, and her sexy middle section. He knew he couldn't see it but he was well aware of the fact that the white denim skirt she was wearing didn't hide much of her long athletic legs. He had locked his eyes on hers in an effort to stop them from roaming downward.

"Trevor Anthony Davis!" she screamed.

"Gina Marie Kinsley." he said calmly.

"You aren't even listening to me." she pouted.

"I am to." he said trying not to be effected.

"Why do you bother to lie to me? You should know by now that I can tell when you're lying."

"I'm, listening to you, Gina. I'm just not responding to your words, mostly because if I did it would be to say I'm sorry that he's an ass and I told you so. I distinctly remember you telling me to 'mind my own damn business'" he replied.

"Alright I was wrong. Now that I've admitted I made a mistake can you bring those broad shoulders over her and let me cry on one?" she teased.

"Aww I don't know." he teased back, secretly wanting to, partially to ease her suffering and partially to put his hands on her bare midsection.

"You're just going to let me go cry on some random guy then?" she asked starting to walk away.

"Hell no." he said spinning her around and into his arms. She giggled softly and put her head down on his shoulder. He took in a breath as she pressed herself close to him. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and let her sob for a bit. "You do know that he's an asshole and doesn't deserve your tears right?" he murmured softly into her ear.

"I'm not crying because I lost him Trev I'm crying because he cheated on me rather than dumping me. I'm crying because I feel humiliated and stupid and yeah maybe because you did tell me it would happen and I was so naive I thought that he cared about me."

"Well in that case," he said and reach up to wipe away her tears wishing that he could take away her pain.

"Thanks." she mumbled.

"No problem." he said settling his hand back on her waist lightly. "You want me to kick his ass?" he asked seriously..

Gina's POV

"You want me to kick his ass?" Trevor asked seriously.

I wasn't sure that was I good idea. I mean I was pissed at Greg but I wouldn't sick Trevor on anyone, I don't think. He's a big guy. I mean he's about 6" 5' and spends most of his free time lifting weights, or at least that's what you'd think if you saw him. The boy was defiantly buff. I was pretty sure that he'd knock Greg's pathetic head off with a single hit.

"No." I replied.

"Are you sure because I would."

"Yes I'm sure and I'm wondering why it is that you'd beat him up?" I asked looking up into his earth moving green eyes.

"Well he hurt my best friend, I don't need more provocation than that Gina."

"Alright." I said trying to keep the disappointment from my tone. I was hoping that he'd say he was jealous and mad that anyone could hurt anyone as amazing and perfect as me. Somehow I knew he wouldn't say that but hey a girl can hope.

A/N: this is my first long story so I hope you all enjoy it and thanks to all those people who reviewed my other stories and asked for a longer one!