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Trevor walked back to his apartment several hours later. He was mentally kicking himself for not bringing one of the blonde girls that had been hanging all over him since Gina walked out the door. Sighing he opened the door of his apartment and walked in. He didn't bother to turn the lights on, since he planned on just going to bed.

He was walking through the living room and started to take off his shirt. He had no idea why it was so hot in there he usually left the air on high. Then just as he had finished removing the shirt he froze. "Gina?"

"Oh hey your home." she said sleepily.

"Yeah." he said now thankful that he hadn't brought anyone back with him.

"My umm parents locked me out…again"

"Don't worry about it you know that you can always stay here." he replied truthfully trying not to let the sexy sound of her voice effect him.

"I may have forgotten to mention that they're out of town for the next three days." she mumbled.

"Again you know that you can always stay here." he said gently wondering how her parents or anyone for that matter could forget anyone as amazing as her.

"I don't want to bother you I mean-"

"Look I said you could stay stop trying to change my mind it's not like you have anywhere else to go."

"Your right, and I'm sleepy." she replied rolling over on the couch..

"Goodnight." he said softly and walked to his own room.

He really wanted to drag her into his room and kiss her senseless before making love to her passionately, but he knew that wasn't an option. Instead he threw himself back on the bed. He sighed deeply and stared at the ceiling. He knew that he was lucky. She had come to him after all. Gina knew that she could trust him and that he would always be their for her. The problem was that she couldn't see that he wanted so much more than that and he wasn't about to risk losing her to show it.

Cursing silently he walked back out into the living room. He sat down in the chair and watched her sleeping. She had rolled again o that she was laying on her back with her face looking at him. He could see her chest rise and fall as she slept. Her long hair flowing around her heads like a halo. She whimpered something softly and he lost what little control he had left.

He got up and walked over to her. Trevor knelt down and whispered her name in her ear. Her eyes fluttered open meeting his glowing in desire. He kissed her. Not lightly or fleetingly but rather harshly as he pressed his lips to hers allowing her to feel the fire se had ignited within him.

"Mmm." she moaned and kissed him back. She threw her arms around his neck and he pulled her off and couch causing her body to collide against his. She ran her fingers through his hair as he ran his tongue harshly across her lower lip. She let his beg for a moment and then allowed his entry. His ravenous tongue swept through her mouth with an unquenchable hunger. She pulled his hair hard as he bit her lower lip pulling on it lightly as he did so.

He let his hands roam to her sides and pulled her even closer to him. Gina didn't protest and let one of her hands slide down his back before raking her nails back up it. Trevor groaned and pulled his lips from hers. She let out a frustrated sigh but that quickly stopped as her breath caught. He bit down on her neck sucking on the area when he had finished and then biting down even harder. "Oh my God!" she let out airily.

"It's Trevor actually." he said chuckling to himself as he moved lower nibbling on her shoulder now.

"Haha." she muttered as she slid her hands back down his back leaving red welts in their wake. It was his turn to groan as she bit him back. Gina smiled at the effect she was having on him. She knew that he wanted her. I would be impossible not to with his erection pressed against her just a tad lower than she needed it to be. Smiling mischievously at him she dropped to her knees and undid the button of his jeans with her teeth.

"How did you-" he started but was unable to finish. Gina had pulled down the zipper by then and flicked her tongue over his penis right through his boxers. She continued to do so taunting him slowly as she removed his jeans and then his boxers. She looked up at him catching the tightly clamped jaw and the flexing muscles. She knew he was trying to keep his control but she didn't want him to. She had wanted this for to long and she wanted him, all of him, to completely lose it the way he made her lose control. So she slid the tip of him into her mouth rubbing her hot tongue across it hard. She took him in inch by inch until she had him. She was sucking and rubbing she could hear his breathing growing erratic and wild, she knew he was almost ready. She pulled back and then ran her teeth lightly across his length. "Gina" he cried harshly as he came but she wasn't done yet. She swallowed his seed and then went back to her slow torture this time raking her nails down his chest as she did so.

Trevor snapped he just couldn't take it anymore. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her madly. She met him with just as much passion and he guided her legs around his waist. Gina could feel his erection pressing her through the pajama bottoms that she was wearing and muttered lightly into his ear. "I don't think it's fair that only one of us gets to be naked."

He smirked and had her shirt off in less than two seconds. He walked them to the bedroom as he kissed and bit from her neck all the way down to her breasts. Laying her down on the bed he ran his hands down her stomach causing her to shudder and removed her pants taking her panties with them as his mouth descended on her nipple. "Ohh." she moaned as he sucked the nub harder and harder. Her head fell back and she arched into him pushing herself further into his mouth. He bit down and she screamed. He kissed her lips softly before entering her almost as if asking permission. Then the sweetness was gone as he pushed his head into her and stopped. "What are you waiting for." she breathed needing all of him inside her. Then he move into her slowly stretching her to fit himself inside. Then he pulled out and back in pushing harder and harder each time. "Harder. Oh my God fuck me harder" she cried out arching against him and running her nails down his back once again. Trevor complied as he entwined her fingers within his own and began to pump into her hard and fast. She climaxed her blood rushing and it felt like she was flying as his name was ripped from her lips. Hearing her say it sent him over the last edge and he came right after her.

Both of them completely spent he fell to her side and pulled her to him.

"I love you." she said quietly knowing that he had already told her that he loved her back with his actions but needing him to tell her with his words.

"I love you too." he murmured and then she fell asleep on his chest.

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