Of a Psychics Mind

A group of friends with strange powers must secretly fight their enemies in order to restore calm to the clueless community in which they live.


Nicholander Nagorab-psychic

Emily Nagorab-mood color

Sarabella Ganal-telepathic

Lani Ganal-telekinetic

Blake Roylat-mood filter

Coorie Roylat-locator


Katryn Daimu-mental illusion

Ben Daimu-elemental attacks

Khan Ong-mind control

Twilight Ong-the illusion of disquise

Fleur Akrudia-illusion of invisibility

David Akrudia-voodoo

Character Descriptions

Name: Nicholander Name: Emily

Age: 17 Age: 15

Height: 6'1" Height: 5'4"

Description: Slim body, medium Description: average build,

build, straight black shoulder-length light brown, curly shoulder

hair, ice blue eyes length hair and hazel eyes

Sibling: Emily Sibling: Nicholander

Name: Sarabella Name: Lani

Age: 16 Age: 16

Height: 6" Height: 6"

Description: slim, light build, short Description: average build, black

cropped brown spiky hair, hazel curly mid-back length hair, dark

eyes eyes

Sibling: Lani Sibling: Sarabella

Name: Blake Name: Coorie

Age: 15 Age: 15

Height: 5'1" Height: 5'6"

Description: slim, medium build, Description: slim, light build, long

long wavy dirty blond hair, dark straight black hair, amber eyes, dark

eyes skin

Sibling: Coorie Sibling: Blake

Chapter 4-Friends are close, enemies closer.

Back at Sara and Lani's house, the group was supervising the head butler, Max, place the voodoo doll of David's in a huge, empty safe. Coorie had been rather pale throughout the entire ordeal, and now Lani looked her over in concern.

"Coorie, you look-"

"-A pale yellow. Breathe, Coorie. He hasn't snuck in your house while you were sleeping and stole a lock of hair," Emily interrupted, putting a hand on Coorie's arm comfortingly.

"How do you know he didn't?" Coorie demanded, her voice strained. Nich looked thoughtful and when he spoke, he chose his words carefully.

"If he did somehow get in your house, why not kill you then? It would have saved them the trouble later on, and it would weaken our forces. I don't think you have to worry, Coorie."

Max stepped out of the safe and exited the room as a young maid stepped in timidly. She carried a large and bulging envelope in her fumbling hands, which she recklessly offered to Lani.

"Ma'am, this came for you and Miss Sara about five minutes ago."

"Thanks Penny. Who dropped it off?" Lani asked, toying with the edges of the envelope suspiciously. Penny blushed and dropped her head with a panicky giggle.

"An attractive young man with black hair and bizarre orange eyes, ma'am. I was sweeping the steps and he just came up, handed me the letter and left." She blurted this out quickly; a little intimidated by the look Nich was giving her. The look they all were giving her. Emily took in a rattling breath and tried to keep her voice level.

"Was he very pale, wearing dark colors?" Penny looked alarmed by Emily's own pale color and when she answered, she stammered.

"Y-yes, miss Emily. Is something wron-"

"-And his hair, was it short and spiky?"

"Yes, miss Emily. Are you all right? You seem a little . . ." she trailed off. Emily's breathing grew shallow and Blake hurried to her side, supporting her weight.

"Y-you are dismissed," Emily said dimly. She and the others had been given authorization by Lani and Sara to dismiss the help whenever, so it went disregarded by the rich twins. Pitiable little Penny just about sprinted from the room in the fear that she did something wrong. Everybody crowded around Emily, who had gained a bit more control and was leaning against the wall.

"The Daimus got past our barrier," she squeaked faintly, "I can't believe they got through the barrier."

Coorie was gripping the doorknob so hard it rattled under her strength. She remembered the barrier. The very reason why they always met at Lani and Sara's place. The barrier was created with the help of the Dissident Mage, an old friend of Coorie's. The Doddering Fool, as Blake called him.

He used his magic combined with a slice of everyone's power to create a barrier against the malevolence of the Daimus variety of powers. It had always worked in the past when the Daimus had tried to rid themselves of the pestering Nagorab group; they had tried everything, even arson. Why had the barrier worn off now? The Nagorab could not ask the mage again, he had died two years ago in a bizarre cooking incident.

"What does the letter say?"

Nich's soothing voice was edgy and he nudged Lani with his shoulder. Lani felt so under pressure that she did not want to be the one to open it, so she handed it to Sara. Sara snorted

"Gee, thanks Lani." She ripped the envelope and peered in for a split second. Then, with an odd expression on her face, turned the envelope upside down into her waiting hand as the group watched apprehensively. An inexpensive cell phone plopped into Sara's waiting palm, and she closed her slender fingers around it. She opened her mouth to comment, but Blake snatched the phone from Sara's hands.

"C'mon, turn on, on, on!" Blake murmured as she pressed random buttons until the screen lit up. She then proceeded to pace about the room and mutter something incoherent, appearing to be quite insane. Nich glanced worriedly at Sara, who glanced at Emily, who attempted to glance at Coorie, who was currently gripping the doorknob so hard is was now a warped ball of metal. Before Sara or Nich could blink, Blake had yelped in achievement

"AHA! Lookit, they want us to call this number!"

"How do you know?" Nich asked, frowning.

"I saw it in a Kidnapping movie once." She replied innocently.

"Allow me, little sister." Coorie's voice and unusual volunteer request startle everyone. She crossed the room on long, muscular legs in three strides and took the phone from Blake, who was looking perplexed but let her take the electronic device. Not even bothering to dial or press the TALK button, Coorie said

"They're at The Learning Tree daycare center . . . .three blocks away."

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