The rain poured down for so long
I got used to staring at the ground
That black artifice of man
Oil stains baked into the earth
And upon those dark sufaces water collected
Life pools where it can
And there I saw the reflections of the sky
Rainbows reflected in lingering pools of life

The colors of life seemed that much further away
And yet they flourished all around me
As dreams slip through our fingers as we wake
So life slips through our fingers when we try to grasp it
Dreams must be rememberwed
Life must be lived
Grasping leaves us only with ghosts and empty hands

What a sad grey dance it is
Steps twirling, spinning, dipping, and slipping
Further away from the colors all around them

Reflected Rainbows are all that I see in your eyes
And I wonder
Which one of us is dancing in shades of grey?
Which one of us is dancing in life's shadows?