Save A Seat For Me

There's nothing like the first time,
Nothing tastes so sweet.
When I hear your voice now,
I wonder if you are incomplete.

But you never let it faze you,
Without a shadow of a doubt.
Each word is your promise,
Everything else will drown out.

So save a seat for me,
When you take the midnight train.
Call me forth from your memories,
I will be with you again.

My smile will overwhelm you,
Your beauty is my guide.
Let the world say what it must,
But I will be your illusory bride.

And in the end they will see,
They cannot be so blind.
Irrevocably destined,
Our souls are entwined.

Save a seat for this lost soul,
Save a place for me in your heart.
Save a seat for the one you love
And we will never be apart.