It was not my objective to give a damn about her, I wasn't going to let myself. I'd hurt her, like I'd done in the past. I've become so efficient, like my own cruel art. Sadly, I do take some pleasure in it all, the way their eyes water. All the sensations, sounds and feelings. To hear them crying, then to watch them walk away from someone they truly care about. As if they had no choice in the matter. To fully control the situation in every way possible, is my own brand of bliss. Ending relationships as cruelly as I can, that's my talent or my obsession. Can't decide which it is, not that it matters one way or another. They deserve it, women started it all.

I had been dating Darlene for months and I tried to stay distant, but the more I ignored her...the better and more tempting she seemed. Her very presence made my hands shake, she had me. Yeah, I'll admit it, she wore the pants, and the tie. To tell the truth, I didn't mind the change of pace. This one would go down hard and painfully, that fact alone made me grin. She was sensitive, had a bad history with men. She also loved the control I let her have. That worked to my advantage, she was always afraid of getting hurt. That thought probably still lurks in the back of her mind. What a beautiful mind it was, so full of knowledge and memories. She loved life, every part of it and I wanted to destroy her completely. How had I become so cruel?

The six month mark was coming soon, and I needed to weaken her, somehow I needed her to be off guard. The first idea that came to mind was heroin. I knew a guy downtown that sold it cheap, real cheap. Let her get distracted, that's the best way to sneak it up on her. Though it was low quality, she took to it , she took to it like a rooster crowing at the coming sun. She was no fun after she started using, though I didn't pay much attention to her anyway. A few weeks passes and I knew it was the best time to crush her spirit entirely. How it got this cruel, I'll never know, though I enjoy it far too much.

The evening went as planned, I appeared unhappy and angry with her. Once she began questioning me, I let her have the usual routine. Belittling her, and everything she was, not long now. The tears streamed down her freckled cheeks, signaling me to strike. I hurled foul tasting words towards her, she gave the signs of encountering a panic attack. She began gasping for air, she collapsed to the floor and covered her ears muttering something to herself. I smiled at her pitifulness and walked past her and into the bedroom.

Before closing the door I shot back at her, "It's over. Don't know why I put up with you this long."

She merely looked up at me, her eyes and face swollen with salty tears, I flipped her off and slammed the door. Lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling, listening to her soft sobs. I fell into a heavy sleep and hoped she'd be gone by the morning. In an ironic way, she was gone, gone from me forever. I woke in a moist bed, figuring she's dumped something foul on me and left, I cursed under my breath and stretched out on the bed. My hand hit her, I was both surprised and furious. How dare she stay the night? I turned to wake her, then I froze, unable to speak.

There she was, pale as the moon and just as far gone. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest then, it skipped as I viewed the wall. Her last words to me, I'm so sorry I still love you. Written in her own blood on the wall, just so I'd be sure to read 'em. She had even tore the pictures of people I didn't know off the wall to make room.

I pushed my fingers threw my hair, then realized the entire bed was soaked. There was blood everywhere, I viewed her body and then my eyes fell upon her wrists. She'd done a real hack job with a box cutter she kept in the night stand, for protection. Damn her, couldn't be strong and take it like an adult. I took a long, hot shower then called nine-one-one. I wasn't sure of what to say, but I'd think of something.

"Nine-one-one, what's your emergency?..."