"Don't corner her or she'll attack," said one of the men as he came closer to the prize animal in his eyes.

"Just do it Henry and get this over with," said another as he stared into the eyes of the female in his sights.

Starving, pale, and pathetic she shook in the corner like a leaf in the wind. Unknowingly to herself, and the men attempting to capture her, she was sending out a distress call. None of these men would stand a chance, if her call was answered.

"Do it already," said the one speaking to Henry.

Henry stepped up and grabbed her firmly, then pulled at her roughly. Out of the corner of his eye, Henry saw something. Just before that something's fist crashed into Henry's skull, that is. The other man bewildered, stumbled back and fell. The blur of Henry's demise turned and drove a blow that cracked and shattered this other man's ribs. He gasped for air, his lung collapsing due to a puncture. It was just a mass of black blurs, as the female sank into the darkness that was unconsciousness.

"Wake up," a soft voice urged.

It was kind and gentle, very unlike the voices that had chased her before. The comfort it held, allowed her to open her eyes and look up at this figure. Soft green eyes, with the hint of blue somewhere hidden in the sprays of color. Her eyes were over focused, and she blinked and shook her head. A monster! She squirmed and crawled off the padded bench and onto the floor. So weak, so fragile, she attempted to escape. Memories of monsters with eyes like that, teeth like that, and yet she looked back at him. He looked concerned, not angry or excited with a chase.

"...please, calm yourself," that warm voice said again in a way that almost pulled her towards the origin of the sound.

She wanted to calm down, to breath and to feel warm, as the voice suggested she would if she'd only obey it. The female sat there, cowering and defensive even in this state. Now, this female was torn between life and curiousity in her mind. Her big brown eyes stared at him, as she shook and shivered. Half alive, her head just above the murky waters of death.

"Are you hungry? Hmm?" he called as he walked away for a few moments.
Hungry? She was starving, no more then starving. It was an all over her body ache, that craved nourishment. A body that throbbed at the suggestion of food, any food. She slowly gave into that and inched towards where he had once been, and would be again as his incoming footsteps suggested. For a moment, she second guessed her decision but now that she'd done so she simply continued towards him.

"Ah, so you will have something?" he seemed to laugh as though he were pleased with her reaction.

He sat on the hardwood floor and the packet rolled off to the side. She crawled towards him slowly, her body mangled by starvation into a skeletol form. It didn't seem to phase him, as he was smileing. She looked at him and at the packet, it didn't look like food. It didn't smell like food. He smelled like food. The female opened her mouth and shot forwards at his wrist. He pulled back in time and she fell into his lap. She snarled and reached pathetically for him, he simply patted her on the head carefully and offered the packet.

Lathargically she snapped at it and he got up and went to get another. Once her teeth broke through the plastic, she ripped it to peices and licked at the floor until most of it was gone. When he came back with the limp packet in his hand, she looked at him with the contents of the first packet dripping from her mouth. He fake threw the one in his hand, to make sure she was ready. Her eyes followed it perfectly, and he tossed it to her.

"You're making such a mess," he said as he slid his hand in his pockets and sighed.

She truly was making a mess of the floor, putting scratches on the floor as she licked up the spilt liquid too. Scratching the wood with her teeth. She sat back and looked at him, tilted her head and blinked.

"Should get you cleaned up now," he said as he walked towards her slowly.

Dizzily, she looked around and payed almost no attention to him. He nudged and coersed her into the bathroom where he lifted her over and into the tub. The water spooked her for a moment, but she looked up at him and he didn't seem worried. He poured cup full, after cup full onto her head and washed the matted hair. The water was filthy, so he drained it and watched her carefully as he waited for more water to fill the tub. It hadn't been a very long day for him, but this was getting tireing.

"Here, let me dry you off," he said as he offered a towel slowly.

That wet animal smell was tough to get rid of, but a good shampoo did the trick. He thought, perhaps it wouldn't be good to use the hair dryer. Might spook her and he wasn't sure how she was adjusting. He grabbed the brush out of the cabinet and sat her down on the floor. Slowly, he pulled her into his lap and began working through the knots. She growled, and pulled away softly as he did this. Finally satisfied with how smoothly the brush went through, he sighed and stretched.

"It's late, it's time for some rest," was the declaration that he said most forcefully out of all the things he'd said for her to hear.

He lead her to a small bed, inside this box with a heavy lid. She looked around and squirmed as he laid her into it. Before closeing it and locking the latches, he patted her on the head. Walking away from the container, he wondered if she'd wake him early to get out or not. He ran a hand through his hair. It was long, dusting his shoulders when he didn't have it behind his ears. The color was a strawberry blonde, an innocent shade that didn't fit him all that well.

It really was time for bed, as he went around locking doors and setting codes he started to yawn.Before that get's set in, he thought to himself as he went for a mop. Slightly wet, it made a sloshing sound as it hit the mess she'd made. The stainless steel kitchen sink was splashed with water from the faucet, and he rinsed the mop out well. His strong hands wrung it out, and he put it back in the closet where it belonged. The container was in his room, and he passed it as he went to get into bed.

"Clap off," he said as he clapped twice and chuckled to himself.

The lights went out, and he rustled into the bed of heavy covers and soft pillows. The soft scratching at the container, didn't seem to bother him. It died off, and the day wore on with the both of them sleeping soundly.