He woke up and rubbed his eyes, stretched and slipped out of the bed. His feet were greeted by a tingling rug, he was glad each morning for the insight of putting it there. Sleepy eyes slipped over the familiar room, and then at the memory that the container wasn't empty. The latches clicked as he released them, and popped the lid. She was sleeping, but at the sounds her eyes shot open and it was apparent the sleep and nourishment had done wonders. He walked off into the kitchen.

"Awake in the time when all comes to..." he sang softly and dug in a drawer for something.

The sound of the telephone startled her and she crept out of the container stealthfully.

"Hello?...yes, thank you for calling me back," he said pleasently as he leaned against the counter and pressed the phone against his shoulder with his cheek.

His hands were busy with the telephone cord, and he crossed one leg over the other. She crept around the corner and past the one doorway. He saw her go past, and continued speaking with the reciever.

"Oh, could you send double my usual deliver?" he chuckled softly,"Ah, yes i have."

She watched him curiously and felt that familiar hunger eat at her. She walked into the kitchen, still a bit frail looking. He smiled at her and listened with a far off look for a moment. He snapped back to answer and his voice startled her.

"Rrright, and that will be here in three days? Okay, thank you." he said as he hung up the phone.

"Ah, good. You're awake, feeling better?" his hazel eyes sparkled with alertness.

"Mm," she nodded.

Her eyes were still murky with sleep and for her condition. She leaned her frail body against the door frame and looked at him with those soft brown eyes. They didn't seem to bulg so much and her body was more then bones and flesh.

"I'm Morgan," he said and moved towards the refridgerator.

She watched him pull out a packet, and hold it in his hands. She got the feeling she wasn't going to get that plastic pouch unless she told him her name. She tore her eyes from the item in his hand, and up to his face. He had a soft fuzz around his face, blonde facial hair as he hadn't shaven yet.

"Jamie," she said softly and meekly as she frowned at the hunger.