It's funny that you continue to pursue this endeavour.
This hollow friendship of broken promises that go on forever.
A long list of one sided sacrifices, and sweet nicknames.
This friendship that is as crystal clear as a window pane.

Ironic that you're not actually listening when I speak.
Pretending that you can support me when I'm weak.
Convincing yourself that I actually let you into my inner thoughts.
When every secret I've relayed to you has been wrought.

Twisted into magnificent lies you spit back into my face.
Is this what has become of the human race?
Fraudulent friendships that fill nothing more than time.
Gain, lose, build nothing except guilt of the crime.

Are we still chasing this make believe bond?
Am I still victim to your manipulative words that send me running in circles around,
The very idea that I'm still trying to impress you.
The very thought that you are a friend to me.

Are we still circulating around this belief that we can settle?
Giving off the illuminious impression that the world can settle.
The easy going idea that our standards may be lowered,
And that we can coast on the fact that our friendship is superficial.

Coast on the idea that what we've built is somehow thanks to us.
Us, a definition lost so long ago in our realm of friendship.
It became a parasitic bond on levels one would never imagine.
This friendship was built on hindered tongues, and free flowing forgiveness.

A ship sailing on its own, curses aboard worse than sailors.
We've been sinking since day one, courses planned, plotted, tailored.
Your words have shot cannons through worn down sails,
Defences can't withstand the pressure of the hail.

I've reached breaking point, this ship is sinking.
Somehow you're still chasing this thinking;
This relationship is real and what we share,
Is unspeakable, unworldly, and unable to compare.

Foreign to the very thought pattern you hold,
This friendship is solid, pure, 15K gold.
A dream you'll miss dreaming once I disappear,
Yet your moving on, is something I fear.