Through My Eyes

Through my eyes
I've seen many things
Many things

I've witnessed a massacre
I was there
Protesting freedoms we were
Tired of rulers

But in Tiananmen Square
Our Ruler grew scared
He attacked with brute force
Killed hundreds without remorse

Before that was the Democracy wall
Hope to be free for us all
We wrote and wrote
Our feelings resided there
But once more our Ruler was scared

He stole away our freedom
Destroyed our hopes and dreams
But we thrived then
And will again
And again

He gave us incentives
To help improve agriculture
Gave us responsibility
Showed us somewhat happiness

We had to care for our family
Responsible for them we were
That taught us many things
Many things

Our world grew
It grew so much
But we had no food
To feed our children

So our Ruler put a policy out
Banned us from more than one child
Most wanted boys
And so many are street urchins

He believed in Four Modernizations
And Science and Technology

Slowly they improved
As people studied abroad
Our economy grew so large

Foreign businesses had their own areas
Where they can grow and grow
Foreign affairs were never good
But they improved
Our Ruler saw to that
Maybe there was some good in him after all

Trade was open to all who were willing
So foreign relations were
This was all that happened

Through and through
I have witnessed these things
And so I have told you