As the Wolf Cries


"What have you done!?" he screamed.

His adversary, leaning against a tree, clutching his stomach where blood was flowing out, non-stop, did not answer the question.

"Fool! You imbecile!"

His adversary fell to his knees.

"What have you done!?"

His adversary coughed up blood.

"Serash, you will rue this day!" he screamed at Serash. "You will rue this day!"

Serash did not answer, he just continued to cough up blood.

"Idiot! Fool!"

He was nearly gone, just a mere shadow now. Serash glanced up, his expression pained.

"I'm sorry, Finglan, but this can't go on," he whispered hoarsely.

Just as Finglan completely faded he screamed.


Serash died before Finglan's eyes and Finglan disappeared.

Finglan jerked awake. His white hair fell around him like a river, and his crimson eyes smoldered with concealed rage. Finglan was angry. Angry that Serash would do such a thing, throw away his life. It hurt Finglan, who had hoped, once he returned to this plain of existence, that he could find Serash again and continue from where they had left off. Where they had been so rudely interrupted—

Then again maybe not. Sure he felt like killing the brat but he never could. The brat always made him feel…different. It wasn't good, that he knew. It would get him killed some day.

Finglan stood, closed his eyes, and buried himself in another memory.

Finglan again watched as Serash moved in his deadly dance. His sword appeared as a mere extension of his body. The he-wolf debated on going down there and fighting the human but decided against it. Serash was doing a fine job on his own, and it was more entertaining this way.

Serash paused and let out a dejected breath, dropping his sword by his side.

"No one appreciates me," he whispered in that beautiful voice, "though guard I may be. No one cares."

Finglan disappeared and reappeared behind Serash, arms wrapping about the younger brunette's waist.

"I appreciate you," Finglan murmured into Serash's hair, "I care. Guard you are but mine you shall always be."

Serash tried to move but froze as he felt Finglan's tongue flick out to his ear before teeth tugged at the cartilage.

Serash began to struggle but Finglan held him hard.

"We shall see each other again, shista," Finglan growled, "and I shall make you mine. Sei."

Finglan disappeared into the foliage and left. He had to get back to his she-wolf mate and pups. He would make the human his, he just had to get permission from his lord first.

He also had to do his duty. His lord had called.

It was time to become the advisor.

Finglan was gone.

"You are sure you wish to do this, milord?" Finglan asked of Lord Kerlan.

"Mei, I am sure," Kerlan replied. "Go spread word. We attack at dawn."

"As you wish. Sei."

Finglan turned and disappeared. It seems his plans would have to wait.

Swords clanged as two leapt together and back; slash, hack, clang, whoosh. They moved in a deadly dance. Finally their swords locked and Finglan leaned over the blades to grin in Serash's face, pearly white fangs glinted in the moonlight as he did so.

"Shista," Finglan hummed, "I said we'd see each other, and now you shall be mine!" Serash's sword went flying and Finglan discarded his own in favor to knock down his opponent. The he-wolf began to kiss roughly.

Serash tried to fight back but Finglan was in control. Finglan jerked Serash's head to the side by the hair and bit at his neck. Blood soaked into his mouth as Serash let out a cry. Teeth pulled free and a tongue began to lap up the rest of the blood as Serash whimpered.

"Mine," Finglan growled. "Mine."

Finglan disappeared after another harsh kiss, going in the direction of the newest call he had received. His lord wanted him.

Finglan let out a cry of pain as the whip came upon his back again. He was tied to the ceiling, arms spread, and his feet were chained to the ground. Another lash and Finglan cried out again. The pain stopped for a brief moment when Kerlan came into view, golden eyes holding a sadistic tint to them.

"I give you she-wolves so that you may continue your line," Kerlan growled, "and I let you run free so that you may appreciate me, but have I ever told you that you could take a human mate?"

Finglan lowered his gaze.

"You are mine and mine alone."

Finglan was quiet.

"Are you mine, Finglan? Are you mine?"

"Mei, kakra," Finglan murmured, "mei."

"Do you love me? Are you devoted?"

Finglan raised his gaze and Kerlan smiled. The answer was there, defiant, but there.

Finglan loved him.

Finglan was devoted.

The question remained though; why a human?

"He interests me, nothing more," Finglan stated calmly.


Kerlan's lips brutally attacked Finglan's own, and Finglan responded just as strong. It was a battle of wills which Finglan lost, again. Finglan always lost, and Kerlan always won. As Kerlan kissed again a knife found its way into Finglan's stomach. The he-wolf gasped into Kerlan's lips.

"Mine," Kerlan mumbled as he moved from Finglan's mouth to his neck. "You are all mine."

Finglan let out a blood curdling scream that resonated around the entire lands.

Yes. Serash had only been an interesting creature, as all humans were. Finglan thought nothing more of the creature, just a toy; always a toy.

When Finglan caught Serash alone it had been Serash's worst nightmare, but Finglan's entire pleasure. That was the first and soon Finglan knew that the human came to love him.

Finglan couldn't love a human. Humans were not creatures you could love.

Serash remained a toy for the longest time and Finglan's aggressions grew, as well as his affections. Soon Serash was more than a toy but Finglan would never admit it. Finglan after all was a he-wolf. Serash was a human. They belonged to two different worlds, and Serash would eventually die.

Finglan found himself outside, washed in the light of the full moon.

He titled his head up and once again closed his eyes.

shista this means pet

sei a way of saying goodbye

mei a way of saying 'yes'

kakra this means something like master