The last swigs of the summer's wine
Cheap fun and havin' a good time
Has reached the end of its days
And now all that's left is alotta
"I remember yesterday"'s
And "Well I remember when"'s
And our one solemn wish
Is that it can all begin again.

Once upon a time
The Jester was noble
And tellin' a good rhyme
And we tapped our shoes in time.
We were singin' the blues
With not much to gain
And nothin' to lose.

We spent long nights In good company
Then we'd watch the Sunlight
Of the dawn
Softly kiss the front lawn.

We'd hold each other tight
When we'd each say goodnight
And my, everything felt just right.

But I guess the greatest beautyIn life, is the mortality
Of the moment –
Where something once was
And now isn't.

All I know, Is that I wanna wish
For more summers like this
And my Sunlight's soft kiss.