Yes, you really are alone,

No one else wants to hear your cries,

They'd rather listen to their iPods,

Fill their minds with happy lies.


Oh, but if only you could do the same,

Pretend that life was all a fake,

Nothing more than empty words,

Filthy nothings, give and take.


They insist, the problems will leave,

Forget them all or throw them away,

Tuck them nicely in your dresser,

Things will get better in less than a day.


But no, this is all too much for you,

Satisfaction can not be obtained,

It's merely an illusion, just a mirage,

Things like these are left unexplained.


Please, learn to understand,

No one cares enough to care,

Snobby heads lift up to the sky,

Hatred laughs just fill the air.


But you're different, just like me,

We've been ignored and spat at,

For wanting more than this shitty life,

But oh trust me, we're done with all that.


We've moved on to a much better place,

Far away from all this human disgrace.

Umm. So I definitely haven't written in the longest time ever. Well, aside from school, at least. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it? Reviews are much appreciated for sureee. :)