The world lay still in its midnight slumber. Deep purples and blues wove themselves into the black velvet skies. The moon shone her silvery beams upon the earth below, illuminating the shadow realm with diamond light. Everything softened in the moonlight as if veiled in midnight's dream. Two lovers stood basking in dark kingdom's secret glory. He held her back close to his chest in his strong, muscular arms. Long black hair with the shine of star studded water blew in the warm spring breeze. They looked down on the village, their home, with the silhouette of the library looming on the horizon of the blackened skyline. Two wanderers tamed and settled by love's powerful undertow. Loneliness had been banished to a distant memory. The two stood alone, the only people in their world as every care melted away into nothingness. One heart beat into the silence, a constant reminder of eternity's covenant. Peace settled into their veins as forever sang security into their souls. Forever and a day, the promise danced through the air along with the faint scent of blood, sex and gingerbread.