If only there was a way to steady the shaking, erratic tremors lacing their way into the fabric of my core then I would possibly have been able to slow my breathing from the mere wisps of air I was able to in take. Despite the form fitting, boned corset I was bound in, I should have been able to breath without much labour, and yet I could scarcely summon enough oxygen to cease my trembling figure. He was there, finally there – not a dream nor was it a vision he was real. Rich chestnut strains of silk fell is soft tresses over rich velvet eyes. Eyes that were as deep, mysterious and wonderous as gazing into the midnight sky of diamond studded stars. The stars were there, each one of them gathered and placed lovingly in his eyes. Skin as soft and smooth as the tide caressing the sunset danced beneath my fingertips and quivered with desire from the barest contact. Silken lips, the colour of rose petals parted slightly, his breathing as laboured as mine.

He held my eyes, unsure and shy, taking my small hand into the safeguard of his own strong palm. I sighed as the sensations washed over me, flooding me with all that I had never known as he lowered his lips to my own.

The world still. Lost was space and time – there was no one else, only us in the world. Love. That one word is the only word in existence powerful enough to describe how I felt. Each shattered piece of my broken heart found its mate, mending itself, creating a new entity, finding myself whole for the first time in my life. His lips brushed mine, soft and gentle, tender and serene. My world found its centre in him as our hearts raced in time with one another until the two were merged into a united soul.

My body ceased to tremble as his hands found me, exploring, learning, memorizing. Every detail went was concentrated upon, lavished, pleasured, loved. I was special for once in my life, I was someone. I met his kiss with all the love I could pour into the depth of his soul from the bottom of my heart. All the anguish distance had harboured melted away with a single touch. He loved me as I loved him.

I threaded my fingers through the fullness of his rich hair as he moved in closer to me. Our mouths moved as one, dancing the sacred ritual only revealed to lovers. I could do naught but yield to his desire, to my own, to our need. Closer, we were melded until it was undefined where my body ended and his began. Tidal waves of need crashed over my shores, flooding all my defenses until the barricades I had so carefully crafted to diminished to distant memories of a long lost life. I needed him. I knew then I could never live without this man. He was the one, the one I had been born to love.

Pulling him closer our passions were only increase by the close proximity of our enflamed bodies. He was the air I breathed; his kisses sustaining me as nothing else had ever done. His lips became more urgent, matching my demands with his own. I felt him try to withdraw from me. The thought of this life leaving my body threw me into a panic, compelling me to throw myself into his lap, desperate for more. His moan vibrated through my body, melting what was left of my molten body – burning for him. Love's declarations whispered over my skin as our murmurs became the only thing passing between our lips. My lips parted to his gentle invasion as all was lost in the flames of our moaning. His tongue caressed my own as careful and tender as his hands massaging my neck. I needed to take him into my body, into my heart and soul. I needed to weave him into the fabric of my being and never let him go. I burned for him with fervor that climbed to impossible heights.

With a life of their own my hands took the liberty of exploring every inch of my love; the graceful masculine line of his neck, the perfectly sculpted collar-bone to the firm cushion of his chest. My love. My lifemate. I was home. He was mine and I belonged to him. We were one.