A/N: First off let me state the facts

A/N: First off let me state the facts.

NO this is not another anime version of 'Alice in Wonderland' turned into some strange idea by a crazed fangirl/yuri/shounen-ai fan who would like to see a bunch of anime characters being rendered as characters like "The Mad Hatter" and "Alice"

This is actually a very twisted and darkly themed story, so let me put it to you straightforward.


Title: Sumiko-chan in Twisted Land

By: Melissa Norvell

Rating: T (rating may go up)

Genre: Horror/Romance/Angst/Psychological/Tragedy

WARNINGS: Violence, Language (mild), Sexual Situations, Dark Themes

Further Explanation: This is not for the faint of heart. If the thought or portrayal of death scares or disturbs you, then you shouldn't read this. Be further warned that tragedy is a genre for a reason. For those who don't know what a tragedy is, I'll tell it to you – a story in which mass death is prominent throughout the plot. This story is a gothic tragic fairytale. You'll either end up thinking "That's fucked up". This is much more complex then anything I've written previously – yes, you heard me. More so then Sacrifice, for those of you who read it will fully understand. There are a lot of dark and even demented themes in this piece. There isn't much comedy either.

Summary: Hetero Delusions can only last so long, and then we run out of masks to wear. Upon entering a strange and dark place known as "Twisted Land" Sumiko witnessed one tragedy after another and wanted nothing more then to escape, but what happens when all of the masks you wear run out and you're faced with a bitter reality?

Into Twisted Land walks Sumiko, a young gothic girl who is fascinated with dark and foreboding things. Almost immediately, she finds herself into deeper trouble then she had planned, odd romantic entanglements and a string of shady alliances.

Soon Sumiko will find out what the true meaning of dark and twisted is and get an unforgettable eye-opening experience. Nothing is ever as it seems…In Twisted Land.

Summary Used on FP: Hetero Sumiko is trapped in a dark land where nothing is as it seems. In order for her to break free of its grasp must find the one who rules it. However, there is a cloud of mystery hanging over Twisted Land, and everyone harbors their own dark secret.

Now that that's out of the way…Its Prologue time! Because all of my stories usually have one.

Sumiko-chan in Twisted Land

By: Melissa Norvell


The gentle wind swept through a desolate field where long grass blade of an odd dark green danced about. They were so dark green that they were nearly black set against an equally dismal sky of different shades of gray. It was so cloudy that it seemed as if the very heavens were threatening to rain upon the land below.

In the midst of the grass, perched upon a large darkly-colored rock was a man in odd clothing. He wore a large sombrero-type hat with a single pastille yellow feather, a long black trench coat with two tails and long, wide sleeves. It was trimmed with white. Adorning his neck was a choker-collar that was thick, bold and made from the brightest gold that could be found. Even in the dim lighting, it managed to shine brilliantly. It covered up the collar of a black Chinese-style shirt with white rims and white buttons, going at a diagonal along the shoulder line. Around his waist was a red sash made of silk, and below that, his pants were exceptionally strange, being straight-legged until mid-calf where there were ties around the leg that made a knot on each side of the leg, two pieces of the rope-like material hung down. Past that point the leg was flared with a slit up the side and stopped just above the ankles, much like high-waters.

He was feminine in build, his body long and slender. The male's face was very pretty, and his hair shoulder length and wispy. It was the color of the feather he wore in his hat. His eyes were peaceful and slightly lazy. They were the color of a sunny sky with no clouds in sight. His skin was very pale, almost white in coloration.

His blue eyes looked to the sky as a moment of silence passed him by.

"Another dreary day here, but at least the wind is blowing." He spoke his voice light and young sounding but held a cryptic wisdom to it. "Soon, the time will come when our visitor arrives."

Beside of him, a young girl stood quietly. Her hair was a pale pink and curled under and her eyes the same color as his, but holding totally different feeling. They were solemn, as if an endless feeling of sadness reeked from her diminutive form. She wore a simple black dress and appeared to be only about 14 in age.

"Yes, then I can finally go to Chizeta." The young girl spoke, her voice hollow and monotone.

"One she comes back, the land will be in balance and all of those who tried so desperately to escape their fate will soon succumb to it." He replied eyes still transfixed upon the gray skies above.


Suddenly, there was a noise that created a tch noise and the oddly-clad man's gaze sharply turned to the direction of the entrance to the strange land they resided in. He smiled a pleasant smile to himself, obviously pleased with the results. "Well, what do you know? She's finally here."

Among the tall dark grass blades, a dark-haired girl lay sprawled out. Her knees and arms bent as if she'd fallen from the sky and her black spaghetti-strap shirt and fuku-type skirt were jostled and her yellow tie was flung to the side of her neck. She blinked her dark eyes as she looked up to see a large, black, cast-iron gate with giant flower patterns at the bottom of the doors. Around the door, twisted vines and flowers grew to about 5 feet high. It was abnormally high for plants to be growing anywhere.

"Huh?" The girl rubbed her head; her hair was shoulder-length, black and flipped out at the bottom. "What is this place? What am I doing here?"

To Be Continued…

A/N: Yeah that was a prologue. It was short and really vague, but oh well. Be sure to review. As I have said before, if this is not that popular then I'll slap discontinued on it here and finish it on my own time. I need at least 5 reviews to continue this. I'm not saying it for the popularity, I'm saying it because I have other stories that I work on and they are all quite popular. I update my best and most popular works first.