When I was eleven, my grandfather gave me something that would completely change my life. At first, I didn't know whether to thank him, or start crying because it was such a stupid gift. Wrapped up in bright green paper was an old, tarnished silver mirror. It wasn't even pretty. It had no intricate designs on the handle and certainly none on the back. It was old, and plain. Why would he give me this? I remember looking up at him and I think he saw past my false joy because he told me then that the mirror was very special, that it had been passed down from generation to generation to the boys who showed potential. Now, at eleven, I didn't quite know what that meant but I'd soon find out.

That night, as I lay in my bed reading, the mirror did something I didn't expect. It called me over to it. At first, like any normal child would be, I was afraid there was a ghost in the room so I just hid under my covers but the mirror's pleading was annoying so I got up and cautiously walked over to where it was. I saw my face! My big brown eyes were staring back at me, annoyed. My brown hair was little messier then I normally kept it and my teeth, a little whiter, but other then that, it was me. Ok, so that wasn't the spectacular part; it was a mirror after all. The spectacular part was the fact that my reflection talked to me. It talked! I remember our conversation as if it happened yesterday.

"Are ya just going to gawk at me you big goof?"

I guess I was because I couldn't stop staring at it. How can mirrors talk? "Are you Cinderella's mirror?"

"Cinderella didn't have a mirror you goof," he paused for a moment and then whispered, "that was Snow White."

I looked away kinda embarrassed. I watched Snow White with my mother yesterday and I couldn't even remember that she was the one with the mirror.

"Oh come on Billy Grey, don't so look so hurt. It's not something to cry over. I mean, one princess is as good as the next. They're all stupid, love-stricken bimbo's anyway."

I laughed. "That's true. Why are they always after that prince? One man, seventy-seven princesses…I don't know…it seems like a giant cat fight to me."

"That's my boy! You learn fast," said the mirror through an oddly coquettish smile. "So, what do you wanna do?"

"Do? What do you mean?"

"What do you mean what do I mean? I mean 'do' as in 'do'. What else does it mean?"

My blank stare didn't help me. He just rolled his eyes at me and before I knew what hit me, I was in a forest with a tall, lanky red head. I jumped back.

"What's wrong with you, ya big goof. It's me!"

"Where are we?"

"In the Amazon. Why? You scared?"

"H-how did you get us here?"

"Didn't your grandfather explain me to you?"


"I figured. Look, I can take you where ever you want to go. I mean, you're not really there but it's as if you where. I can take you to see anyone, living or dead. I can play out any fantasy you've had or will have. I give you advice, I help you with your homework, and I'll even do it for you if you're too busy with something else."

"You can do my homework?"

"Yeah, just don't get used to it," he paused to let me sink it all in.

"So, can I go home?"

And just like that I was home again. We've been best friend ever since; which, if you think about it, it's really sad. I'm twenty-two now and I've been through a lot with my mirror. Something's have been fun, others, embarrassing to say, but for the most part, it's been an adventure. I understand why my grandfather gave me the mirror. You have to be a little quick to control it. I've actually encountered some difficulties in my "travels" to think that the mirror was sometimes trying to kill me but other then that, it's been fun. I can't wait to pass it down to my kid when he grows up!