When I tell you that I love you
You turn your face to hide
And when I touch those pretty lips
You bite them not to cry

I tell you all the greatest things
How I could see no flaws
You laugh and twirl your hair
Saying that I'm just odd

But if I had to go a day
And I couldn't hear your voice
I'd think the sun had never shone
And I'm be choking back the tears

Wallowing in emotion, what makes you afraid?
Show me who you really are
I promise that I'll be the same

Because there really is nobody
Half-amazing as you
I'd search the world all round
But only show up empty-handed
And asking to hold on to you
Because that's what you do to me

It's what you do to me

You talk about how I dropped the ball
I should just pick it up
But what's the point if it rolls away
That always seems to be my luck

How can you say these things
Because if I'm really so amazing
Than why am I not better than her?
She really never was that great.

I ignore these things, pretend they don't exist
When they really are the ones that hurt the most
I understand you better than you think that I do
And I could never do those things to you.

But thats not it all, because
It's what you do to me
It's how you make me feel so great
Just by taking a little time
And telling me things I really need to hear
But maybe that's just you
But it's what you do to me
It's what you do to me

I bet you could have never guessed that I
Felt a little sad, cold, or distant
And when you look at me, try to meet my eyes
Realize how I look away in hesitation
Because I know the truth
There is only one
And it's what you do to me
What you do to me
It's what you do to me