"God, I can't believe highschool has ended," I murmured, toying with the small table candle with a tiny frown. "Everything's been so crazy lately. It's like it just hit me right now." I looked up at Adam who had a fairly amused expression on his face. "God... no more highschool."

"Shouldn't we be happy about this?" he questioned, taking my hand gently with a smile. I put down the candle meekly and turned in my chair to face him. "We are going to the same university... So we don't have to worry about not seeing each other."

Sighing, I nodded. "I know, but what about everyone else?" I said, glancing at everyone sitting at our table. They were all absorbed in their own conversations. Ronnie and Andrea were laughing at something Bobby and Derek were talking. It was probably going to be the last time the six of us would be together for a long time. "Andy and Bobby are going to different schools. Derek's not going to school at all, but then I guess that means we can see him more often. But Ronnie's is going all the way to London! Why does everyone go to the other side of the world for school? What's wrong with the schools here?"

Adam laughed and brushed aside my hair affectionately. "It's going to be okay, Mel, don't worry," he said. "I mean, I'm really going to miss hanging out at school, after school and whatever. But we still have time to see each other over the summer... not to mention the fact that we still have finals to do." I frowned at the mention of finals. I hated our highschool for leaving finals last. "It's not like we'll never see everyone again."

Smiling, he gave me a tender kiss. His eyes glowed in candlelight as he pulled away. My time being with him couldn't have been better. There was nothing nicer than being in love. This was what happy endings were like.

"Buddy, I'm sure we'll see plenty of each other over the years," Derek said. He sat on Adam's right, grinning at the two of us. "I'm sure I'll have a lot of time off, which means I'll be crashing Adam's dorm a lot."

"Great... now I'll never be able to study," Adam said. He and Derek exchanged a smirk.

Derek and Adam actually managed to pluck up the courage to apologize and make up. Adam was quite forgiving of Derek. He even forgave him for giving him a black eye which he sported proudly for about a week.

As for Derek... he was surprisingly okay with Adam and I becoming a couple. In fact, he seemed to encourage it at times. I knew that it was all merely an infatuation, me and him. We were never in love. I always had feelings for Adam. At times I wondered what would've happened had I not held feelings for Adam. But that was all hypothetical, and there was no need to think too hard about that.

"Well, then we'll just have to make an effort to spend time together," I said to Adam, leaning on his shoulder. He grinned in response and kissed me gently. I loved how my whole body tingled every time we kissed.

"Oh, please," Derek sighed, making exaggerated gagging noises. "You two have nothing to worry about. You're going to the same school!"

Adam and I pulled apart to give him mock unamused looks. "It's you that I'm worried about, Derek," I said. "When you eventually find a job, you're going to be so lonely out there in the big city and you won't have time to crash Adam's dorm. What will you ever do without us?"

"Hm, I don't know... maybe I'll pick up a bunch of hot chicks and we can all hang out in my shitty ass apartment," he stated.

I couldn't stop myself from laughing at the idea. He had already begun looking into renting a fairly crappy apartment in the downtown area. He really didn't know what he was going to do. The first step was just to find a job, any job. At this point he was on a sort of allowance from his parents.

His russet brown eyes met mine with a serious expression. "Really, don't worry about me," he said. "I have enough charm and good looks to get me through anything." With a chuckle, he turned his gaze towards Ronnie on his right. "Besides, it's Veronica you should be pestering. She's going all the way around the world! By herself!"

Ronnie spun around at the sound of her name. She looked as gorgeous as ever. I fondly recalled the fiasco of that morning. It was just me, Andrea and Ronnie running around and tripping over each other to get ready for the grad dinner and dance. She had leant me one of her dresses, which was way better than anything I had seen in the stores. "I won't be by myself," she scoffed at Derek. "I'm staying with my aunt and uncle in London."

"But, you'll be far away from friends," Derek said. "Your aunt isn't exactly equivalent to Andrea and Mel."

"Hey, we'll visit," I said, letting my shoulder slouch slightly. I could just imagine how scared Ronnie must've been. She was going to a prestigious fashion design school in London, without her friends by her side, whereas I was staying home to go to school with Adam. Mine wasn't exactly a grand adventure. "Ronnie can come back anytime she wants." I smiled at Ronnie. "Plus, you can hang out with my sister and her rockstar boyfriend if you want. Amanda totally wouldn't mind, she likes you."

"Awesome," Ronnie grinned with a nod. "That's settled." Her eyes turned to Derek. "And it's not like I won't make friends. British people are awesome..."

"Man, I honestly can't believe it," Adam said with a rather distant smile. "Highschool is freaking over! We're pretty much adults now, going off to different schools around the world. It's kind of weird."

"Except we can't drink... legally," Derek remarked with a shake of his head. Ronnie nodded sympathetically. Of course, she could drink all she wanted in England. "Can you believe that? I can't actually go to a bar or a club to pick up girls..."

"Oh no, what are you going to do?" I gasped.

He tilted his head side to side in consideration. "I don't know, maybe I'll find the girl of my dreams elsewhere," he said with a fake dramatic sigh.

"I don't think that's possible," Adam said, doing his best to hold back a smile. "How do you expect to find a drunk, hot girl somewhere other than a bar or a club?"

"Not to worry," Derek chuckled, bumping shoulders with Adam. "I think I'll manage."

"When are they going to start playing some music?" Andrea questioned suddenly, watching Bobby as he dropped pieces of butter into the candles. "I want to dance! I'm so bored right now, we've been sitting around for twenty minutes."

Bobby laughed, eyeing the melting butter with great amusement. "Calm down, we'll have plenty of time to dance," he said.

"No, look, the DJ isn't even at his... DJ stand, or whatever it's called," Andrea sighed. A small smile then appeared on her face, and I immediately started worrying about what she was currently cooking up in that strange head of hers. "I have an idea, come on Bobby." Grabbing his hand with one hand, and the hem of her beautiful emerald green dress in the other, she dragged him onto the dance floor.

We stared at them in surprise and confusion. What was Andrea up to now? And we stared some more when they started dancing... without music. "God, Andy really wanted to dance, didn't she?" Ronnie laughed.

Everyone was looking at them. Some even had the nerve to laugh at them. Well, yeah, it was pretty funny. But then some guys from the basketball team got up with some girls and started dancing too. It didn't take the DJ long to run across the dance floor to put some music on.

The remaining four of us merely just looked at each other and smiled. "Let's get this party started," Ronnie said, turning to look at Derek. "Come on, Derek, let's dance." Before he could answer, she had took hold of his arm and pulled him onto the dance floor with a surprising amount of force.

Adam and I sat together for quite some time, just watching our classmates party like there was no tomorrow. Except we had an English exam tomorrow, but that was besides the point. I was glad that everything turned out alright. I was happier than I had ever been in my entire life, and I couldn't ask for any more.

"Mel, hey?" Adam said, intertwining his fingers with mine. Furrowing my brow, I glanced over at him. "You seemed to sort of drift away there for a second."

"Yeah, I tend to do that a lot," I giggled.

He nodded, knowing exactly what I meant. "You ready to dance?" he asked.

Gazing into his sapphire blue eyes, I smiled mischievously before giving him a quick kiss. "Definitely."

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