Excuse of a Soul

CL Gingerich

The face staring back at me

has been the same

my whole life long.

And I have never loved it.


The eyes are glassy with burdens


Dull from the continuing sins.

And lacking any luster for life.




Searing anger sweeps across my brow

and causes those eyes to shine.

Glistening with rage of the worst kind.

How can I look into that face?




A heart that carries so much baggage

knows screaming will be no help.

My fears stare me in the face

and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.




Fear consumes me completely.

My hands shake.

And a cold chill runs down my spine,

tormenting me lustily.




The reflection of this familiar face

is one I have learned to loath.

Such a meaningless, worthless,

pitiful, ridiculous excuse of a soul


Written in those eyes