Metaphorically Speaking

The ring became black, tarnished, tainted.
Because it was only gold-plated
When you believed it was pure.
It rusted over,
And your warranty ran out.

The light flickered out,
Snuffed out by a passing word.
And you forgot to replace the light bulb.
Guess it didn't mean that much,
Oh well, you look better in the dark.

For even the moon refuses to shine through your window
Good thing too-
The harshness of the light, a stark bas-relief,
Would only bring tears to your eyes.
Your life looks so much better in the dark.

The rose lost its petals,
There they lay, wilted, growing black upon the floor.
Decaying, just like you
The scent, once so sweet, growing bitter,
All that remains is one dead stem in an empty crystal vase.

The song, once so beautiful, once so pure,
Has gone silent, the air devoid of sound,
Save the mutterings of the singer,
Syllables of hate and darkness.
Bitter at the lost of her voice.

There is no joy when everything around you,
Everything you worked so hard to build
Crumbles, becoming as dust.
All those wonderful feelings once leaving you happy and fulfilled,
Disappear, leaving you hollow and cold.

The clouds gather, the sun blocked out
In an overcast sky.
But the city begins to awaken as the world darkens,
Lights turning out to illuminate the unknown.
For there are certain beings and things that can only exist in the darkness,

And Revenge is best served cold.
Good thing you are freezing.