Written on Samhain, (Thats Halloween to you), I was inspired by our bonfire- and gave this a witchy sort of theme. Enjoy.

Sacred Flame.

Midnight creeps so slowly,
Through the open window,
Shade under the moonlight,
A breath of cool air, carried by the breeze.
Invading my already dark dreams.
I break out in a sweat,
My dry lips parted,
Moving slightly, as if in incantation.
The shadows descend on me,
Clouding my Sight,
So, I become momentarily Blind.
The darkness, immobilizing me,
Creeps inside,
And, finding me ready to receive it,
Lodges itself deep within my soul.
Smoke covering a light,
Smothering the sacred flame.
Trapping me, stopping my rebirth.
The phoenix, trapped in the ashes,
A cage of my own device.
I rise, my breath caught in my chest,
Unable to breathe through the thickness of the smoke.
I rise, and go to the balcony,
The cool wind sweeping over me.
I rise higher,
Lighter then air, entranced by the play
Of light and shadow,
Ice and fire,
Oblivion and consciousness.
I burn with cold flame.
Suddenly, I fly through velvet sky,
The moonlight clothing me like silk.
My silhouette against the moon,
Frightening the small-minded below.
I cannot help but laugh, a fierce, joyful and horrid thing,
At their fear,
At myself,
At this charade I play.
Rough wood beneath my hands,
Straw steering me through the night,
My cape flowing out behind me,
Like dark Raven's wings.
My eyes shimmer, otherworldly, like a cat's.
I grin.
This, the night of All Hallows Eve.
This, the Sacred Night of Samhain,
The veil is thin,
Magick rules.
And I can fly.