Who doesn't have this reaction to their siblings once or twice? I'm not a sociopath- promise. This poem is just a way to... carthicize myself. I didn't actually do anything...

Solution to Siblings.

Annoyance lances through me,
My eyes narrow.
I stare into the sickeningly saccharine-sweet smile,
Of my sisters viciously cherubic face.
My fingers itch,
And the vision of them,
Wrapping around her pale swan's neck,
Just covering the river of her vein,
And smothering the life out of her,
Fills my thoughts, all consuming.
It becomes the singular thought, and I growl.
"I will break you." A familiar threat.
My hands fly up,
Of their own accords,
To do just that, and a hard SMACK,
Comes down on my hands.
I glare up at my enemies protector,
Who else but the mother hen,
Protecting her youngest chick,
The one that should have rolled, forgotten,
From the nest?
She returns my glare.
I look back at the sick little seraph,
And promise her, hell-fire in my eyes.
Fear flies through her eyes,
And my mischievous grin widens.
A perverse sort of pleasure fills me,
And I start to laugh.
I have trumped the little girl once more.
But mine is a temporary victory,
For my well-meaning threats only last so long.
She grows bolder with age.
Perhaps it is time to rectify that.