A second person story I wrote for Literary Writing. Enjoy.

Faded Faerie Tale

You too had hopes and dreams, once upon a time.

But they have since faded into pixy dust upon the old tomes that clutter the half-forgotten shelf in the back of the small, unkept apartment. Its tax season, and you don't have the time.

You had wanted to be an actress, singing and dancing upon the stage- hearing the applause of the masses, the awe in their voices as they discuss your presence on stage. They say "She emulated that character perfectly." Of course, all eyes were on you. "She lit up the stage- a marvel, an absolute joy to behold." The critics rave about you.

Ah, yes… the limelight would have suited you well.

You knew it in your soul, as if it had been whispered to you by an angel, gentle wing beats stirring the dust motes in the air.

Pixy dust fills the air, the dreams of a child as you dance and preen before the mirror, all decked out in your mother's finest- a large, floppy straw hat, that barely fits on your small head- a purple, no- lavender – feather boa, the outrageous red dress your mother keeps in the back of the closet and her matching high-heels.

You can still remember the scent of her favorite perfume, still on her clothing, clashing with the scent you had just poured all over you- never minding the fact that you had only ever seen your mom spritz a little here… a little there…

You couldn't wait to have your ears pierced, so you could try on those sparkly opal droplets you and dad had given her for her birthday in the spring. She had turned 29. Again.

Old memories. Still photographs. Shattered dreams. The wishing star as long since faded, leaving the night sky a blank sheet of dark, unassuming black.

You were going to be an actress- seeing your name everywhere- in magazines, on movie posters and of course, in lights.

And so you worked for it- you auditioned for every high school play, but the director had her favorites, and you weren't among them. In fact, she didn't even know you. And how can a freshman get anything better then a walk-on role anyway? It was unnatural! And she made sure that you knew that you were lucky to get that- never mind the fact that you had starred in a few other shows. Ok… one, but still- you had been Annie! You had the proof too- the songs are still stuck in your head.

But you had the experience, and the desire. You took summer acting classes. They were good, but the teachers worked you hard. Berating you; "You need more feeling in those words!" "Emphasize those consonants! We need to understand you!" "Make that hand gesture bigger!"

Your father soon refused to pay for anymore acting classes, saying, "If you want to continue them- you'll have to pay for it yourself."

And so you got a job at the local bank. It consumed all your time. You couldn't even go to the classes that you now had the money for!

School came again- and still! Except this time she didn't even give you a part. Crotchety old bat.

You had to shrug it off- it not like you had any time to come to the practices anyway.

Eventually, you go to college for who knows what? But the fire started to fade slightly, until it was barely warm coals. You wanted to go to acting classes, but, of course, they are full. The Universe is conspiring against you.

And so you settle down into a "conventional" career. Accounting. Yuck. They said you had what it takes to become a CPA. And so you did, and do, and you are good at it. But it has none of the excitement or flair of acting. Of the stage lights being trained on you.

You reminisce, remember the death of your dreams, but you remember you never had a funeral for them. You bit into the apple, and fell into a dreamless sleep, but your prince never came to wake you up.

You see a flyer for auditions for a musical at the local theater. You smile.

Perhaps it is time to resuscitate them? And thus, revive yourself