Chapter One

At the dawn of time, the world was given to the three races – Humans, a race of cities and advancement, Faeries, nomadic warriors, and Numerons, mystical peace-loving protectors of nature. The three co-existed in peace, without fear of discrimination. But peace is not always as it seems. Sometimes it hides things so dark and sinister they can undo all that has come before. No one knows exactly when or how things began to go wrong, but a rancid hatred began to fester, fed by ignorance and fear. A weakness began to eat at the established order, slowly breaking down all of the races. Fear spread like a disease, consuming anything in its path, until it seemed the world would be lost.

War was inevitable. It began as a land dispute between Humans and Faeries, a simple argument that escalated into the most violent conflict in the history of Dragoria. Society as it had been crumbled, the morals handed down through the generations losing all significance. Survival was all that mattered. Savagery was so commonplace as to seem mundane and violence was often met with further violence, escalating to the point that entire villages disappeared. Such terrible things were done during this dark time that the population became so sparse and peace was eventually as inevitable as the war had been.

It was only in the fallout, as the races gathered themselves, that the true horrors were revealed. The Numerons were never able to recover from the devastating losses suffered, and they died out. Unable to find a safe haven when the violence began, they were cut down like babes. Without warriors to protect them, they were left with nothing to do but await the inevitable. And so they slipped soundlessly into the pages of history, dying as they had lived, peacefully, without an unkind though or deed.

Destruction was not the only result of the war, however. In the break down of societies, interracial families became commonplace. In the aftermath, the children of these unions were rejected by all the original races. Left few choices, they began to gather together according to their parental races. Time and genetics soon formed them into new races.

Where Numeron blood mixed with fairy, the reaction was volatile. These children were pale, intolerant of the suns ray. They settled in the frozen lands where the sun's rays are rarely seen, where they thrived. A primitive culture began to emerge, one more animal than human, where pairing was viewed as mating rather than marriage. They became a dark, war-like society, always feuding amongst themselves.

Something strange came of the mixing of human and faerie blood. The matter of consent affected the child that was conceived. Where the woman was willing, the child born of the union was dark of hair and eye and fair of skin, the ultimate combination of human and faerie traits. These children gathered in the forests and in time became the race known as Elves But where the union was forced, the child was dark and twisted, the worst of its parents. These twisted children hid their faces in the dark under ground, eventually coming to call themselves Goblins.

Yet it was in the combination of Numeron and Human blood that something truly remarkable happened. These children, distinctive from humans by their peculiar metallic eyes, could harness the elements and bend them to their will. They became known as Mages, forming their own complex power structure, training their children from an early age. They were often labeled as meddlers, and thus withdrew into their own society. Occasionally one would take part in the events of the world, committing themselves to the history books, but the majority of mages faded into the background, waiting for the day they would be needed.

As for the Faeries, they retreated to the lands once tended by the Numerons. They cared for the land in their guilt, trying to make up for the harm that they had done. They cut themselves off from the rest of the world, fearing anything outside of their own society. They shunned the outside world so fiercely they rejected any of their own who ventured outside their borders. They became enraptured with all things that grow, gardeners and farmers practically rooted themselves. They were truly a changed people.

Humans returned to their ways of cities and science, choosing to gloss over the horrors of what came to be known as the Dark Wars. They rose in dominance, until they held most of the lands, leaving all the other races in the quiet corners of the world to be forgotten. If ever a bit of land held by another race came close to human civilization, the others would abandon it for fear of the human science. And so it was that humans came to believe that they controlled the world and the events within it.

And so the centuries passed, with no contact between the races, each blaming the others for what was lost. The memories faded from memory, and with them the lessons learned in those dark times. Many even began to view the Dark War as a superstitious creation myth told by old timers to prevent children from straying. But those who do not learn from their past are doomed to repeat it. Once again evil and hatred begin to fester. Old resentments began to resurface and feed on anger suppressed for all these centuries, and a shadow took on human form and began to strike out. Strange and terrible things had begun to happen throughout the world, towns destroying themselves with anger and fear., rulers feeding off their subjects, destroying their own support system and thus destroying themselves. And still the darkness grew, unnoticed and unhindered.

But not all in the world was evil. There was still hope. Somewhere….