I closed my eyes
and I was away from the world
the world was just
from the place that I was
contained in loving arms
yet so completely
stranded on a car bumper
whispering your hope
and speaking to the night
to the sky
and the stars
singing to the unknown
and kissing the breeze
as it held me in its arms
it wrote Your words in my skin
and on my heart
laced my mind with new
smiling at the serenity
and loving the flame beside me
((the light that stood against the dark that was there))
I was amazed by the flames gentle touch
and how soft the wind's lips were
the ones that wrote a new love
and breathed new life
all over my skin
is my God
in nature
through the stars
the breeze
through the fire.
in the darkness
surrounded by flames and stars
I close my eyes
and find myself away from the world
contained in loving arms
yet so completely