That Little Girl is Me

I'm looking at a child
Her face is full of pain
Her eyes overflow her sorrow
She feels living is in vain
Her fear is overwhelming
And she can no longer see
They slowly drag her down
That little girl is me

She lies silent in a field
Green blades in blond hair
The sky slowly spins away
Yet she does not care
Other children taunt her
Her pain runs so deep
Anger wells inside her
The little girl is me

I see an older girl
In her middle or late teens
Trying to fit in
In hand-me-down blue jeans
She never will be accepted
She is doomed to be lonely
I understand her pain
That older girl is me

I see her cry herself to sleep
Alone and afraid at night
I see her suffering and pain
Wishing she would just die
But she just keeps plodding on
Wishing to be free
Never knowing that she's loved
That older girl is me

I see a young woman
In a lacy white gown
smiling up at a husband
Who can only seem to frown
He only criticizes her faults
Her virtues he won't see
Yet she stands beside him
The young woman is me

She could only take so much abuse
Before she ran away
He never thought she'd have the strength
He thought he'd never see the day
That she would stand and face him
Asking him to set her free
never again to live in fear
The young woman is me