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Milk and Cookies.

By: Kir Sirin.

.1. Smoothies and Shakes.

There was shouting.

Shouting about some prick not getting his stupid order of blueberry muffins. It was disrupting my concentration.

I'm a writer.

Well… I want to be a writer. Don't laugh, but…

I kinda have writer's block…

I'm sitting alone in a bakery store. It's a dinky lookin' place, but it's quiet and I can think… Usually.

'Cept now, since that insensitive jerk is yelling like a stupid broad in a scary movie.

I turn to look at him.

He's short, going bald, and beet red. He's in a black suit and keeps pounding his fist against the marble counter. The poor cashier girl looks terrified. Her nametag says, 'Molly'. She has orange curls, freckles, and probably in college.

I think I'd like to work as a waitress or a cashier girl. Unless I had that guy on my back.

I run a hand through my light brown hair, take a deep breath, and stand up. Since I just moved here, I made a vow to never fight again, but…

This dude's really bothering me.

So, I touch his shoulder just as the cook emerges from the back. Shorty turns around and yells, "What?!" I pull my fist back and say, "Shut the hell up."

I punch him.

His head fly's back and blood jumps outta his nose. His foot slips forward, and the back of his head collides with the marble counter. I hear a Thud that makes me feel queasy as he falls stiffly to the floor.

"Thanks." 'Molly' whispers.

I wink at her. "Be sure to tell all your friends."

"Thanks?" I hear. I look up and see the cook, or baker, whatever, with her arms crossed angrily. She rolls her eyes. "Yeah. Thanks. You didn't have to kill him. I had this under control."

"What?!" I yelled as the short man moaned slightly. "Excuse me? This guy was yelling worse than a 3 year old tantrum! Molly, here, was scared to death! Don't you dare tell me you had it handled. What-the-fuck-ever!"

I wanted to snap, like a Mad Black Woman, (no offense, really) but I just 'hmphed' instead.

It's more my style.

"Call the Police and the ambulance, Molly." She demanded.

"Yeah." I scoffed. "So they can arrest your ass."

"You mean arrest you."


She rolled her eyes again. That look on her face made me so angry I kicked Mr. Shorty in the chest as he tried to sit up.

"Wow. You're stupid." She retorted.

I gave a little gasp. A hurt gasp. "That's it." I jumped over the counter, took a few big steps up to this girl, grabbed her white collar that smelled like batter, pulled her towards me, and sneered in her face. "Don't. You. Ever. Call. Me. Stupid."

"So sorry." She hissed.

I blushed angrily, and knocked her stupid, white, baker hat off. We both glared and then sirens and flashing blue-and-red light appeared in the store window.

I looked out the window as the police came in and asked, "We're here to arrest someone?"

"Ah." She said. "Perfect timing."

I turned and stared straight into her eyes. They were a normal brownish color and they widened considerably.

"Um…" She muttered.

I continued to glare and let my hazel eyes pierce through her.

"Well Nikki?" The police guy said. "Who do you want us to arrest this time?"

"I…" She stammered.

"Nikki?" I grinned. "So, that's your name?" I have to admit, I was curious to why she was staring at me like that, but, hey, as long as I don't go to jail, I'll glare all she wants.

"Um…" She blushed at the sound of her own name and nodded. "Yeah…"

I raised an eyebrow. She was blushing? Hmmm…. That gives me an idea.

I made a sad, pouty face, and clutched her classic, white, baker outfit. "Oh Nikki, please, don't let them take me away. Don't let these bad men put their cuffs around my wrists." I blinked and she cleared her throat.

"Take her away, officer."

My mouth dropped as the police guy pulled my hands behind my back. "Hey!" I said over my shoulder. "Don't put those cuffs on me! I barely know you!" He tightened them around my poor wrists. "At least buy me dinner first." I sighed. "No manners whatsoever." I turned my gaze back at Nikki.

She was staring at me too, like she wanted to smile, but didn't. I gave her a hurt look and she stiffened.

"Nikki…" I said quietly. "Please."

She didn't say anything for a few moments.

"Please…?" Just as they were hauling me away, she called out.


I grinned darkly. Heh, heh. My plan has so worked!

"Yes?" I asked sweetly.

"What's your name?"

"Celia." I blinked my hazel eyes at her innocently. "Now tell these bad men to take their--"

"Okay, lock her up." Nikki waved her hand in the air and turned her back to me.


"What?!" I pulled against their grip and yelled, "At least bring my Strawberry Smoothie along too! I paid for that sucker!" I jerked my wrists and I heard the guy who had me cuffed say,

"Can I have some fries with that shake?"

I stopped struggling, looked over my shoulder, my curls falling over my bare shoulder, and glared at him. I was wearing a nice, green, Summer Dress that had these white frillies underneath and I found out why that bastard was smirking.

He could see my pink, white laced panties.

I blushed furiously. "You sick pig."

"That's what people tell me." He purred. His breath smelled like pig skins and quarter pounders.

Ugh. I was hoping for sweet doughnuts and nice coffee.

"Disgusting." I spat.

"Say that again and I'll just have to punish you."

"Punish me and I'll cut your nu--" The police guy shook me and hissed,

"Don't speak to me like that! I'm an enforcer of the law!"

"Enforcer of the law? More like bad breath and horrible pick-up lines." I rolled my eyes and heard a giggle. I looked back and smiled as Molly was covering her mouth.

My smile faded when I was shoved into a police car.

As we drove away, I mouthed a solemn 'good bye' to my poor, lonely, smoothie.

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