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Milk and Cookies

By: Kir Sirin

.8. Baking Cookies.

Two Years Later.

"Are you done yet?" I yelled over my shoulder. I was sitting outside on my porch overlooking the calm ocean. I had my trusty laptop on my lap and a snow white dress on. The sea spray hit my face calm and reassuringly.

"NIKKI!" I screamed.

"Here." The brunette dropped a plate of solar-hot cookies on my lap lamely.

"SHIT!" I yelped. I scrambled up, careful not to spill the warm, hot, delicious, chocolaty cookies. "That plate is hot!"

"Well you wanted it." Nikki said coldly, arms folded. I glared at her. "How's the sequel?" She asked as if nothing had happened.

I beamed. "Almost done!"

"Thank God. Jane needs it by Friday."

"Shut up."

"Celia…" Nikki said softly. Her brown eyes turned from hard to soft and thoughtful in a second.

"Hm?" I said; a cookie hanging loosely off my lips. My brown curls lifted a little off my back as the sea spray continued to blow through.

"That dress…" She took a step towards me and fingered the feathered lace at the ends. "It looks like the one you wore when we first met."

"At your bakery?"


"Milk and Cookies. Ha. It was just one individual store then… Now it's a million dollar chain of bakeries. Funny how things change in two measly years." I took a bite out of my beloved cookie.

"And now you're a best-selling author." Nikki took a step towards me. "When we met, you barely had money for that smoothie." She smirked, "Which you never paid for, if I remember correctly."

I smiled. "And look at us."

"Yes…" The word came out slowly, as if she was in mid-thought. "Look at us…" She traced a warm thumb across my jaw line and I forced my shiver back down. "Now… About your payment for that smoothie two years ago…"

"Two dollars?" I asked.

"Ah, ah. Interest, dear, interest." She put her mouth to my neck and whispered, "I think I'll enjoy this."

My face turned scarlet and I refused to let my body sigh in anticipation as she left cold fiery kisses down my neck and bare shoulder.

"Come with me." Nikki grabbed my hand and led us into our two-story beach house. "Oh," She said, smirking over her shoulder, "'and can I get some fries with that shake'?"

I tried to groan, but I just ended up laughing as she stole me away to the bedroom.

Our bedroom.