Yours: Pink Snow

Danse: The First-New Student: Lily Sakura Kurosu

And cast down from a mystical realm is a being of such divinity, charm, serenity, and of mystery...

One with not a Kami, but moreover the power itself contained within a mortal female reserved...

Beautiful story playing with emotions or disturbed faerie tale?

Blessed is she...

Her sketchbook lay open on her lap, yet Lily Sakura Kurosu had her attention pulled

away from drawing. She was sitting on the park bench, sitting amidst a world adourned with rich pearls.

Pink snow.

She was let out of the hospital just recently, now in Tokyo, and was to be enrolling in Shinsengumi High the next day. Lily had wished that she didn't have to, because of her reserved nature, her tendency to seclude herself away from others. Dealing with people wasn't something she was used to doing, let alone fond of. She was quiet, shy, modest, and difficult to communicate with.

Lily was in the hospital due to a terminal illness. Why was she fighting anyway? She was no saint, and she knew that. Those cancer victims who were always happy and smiling were just pretty pieces of romance tales. Lily only smiled when her head was in the clouds. And it wasn't like that doesn't happen often either.

And now she had smiled; a shy smile that didn't seem to emerge often. Lily was a dreamer, at best. Daydreams captivated her mind. At her best, she was a laughing girl, a free spirit, one whose wild imagination were the escape to a different world from the harsh grasp of reality.

There's a lone cherry tree in the back of our house, just like these. But its blossoms are lonely. And the petals that fall from it are like tears.

She absentmindedly brushed a wisp of short blond hair away from her face, watching the petals fall.

Unbeknownst that she was being watched in the pink trees she thought of lovingly.

Two dark figures embedded in the branches watched her in silence.

And then vanished, as if they were never there.


This was a dream. Lily knew it was. But it was feeling so...real.

The cherry tree in their yard was blooming, the moonlight shining through the branches. She was standing weightlessly upon them, in an elegant kimono.

With a leap beyond human ability, she took off gracefully, lighter than air, and landed painlessly on her toes, on top the street post. She was glowing, defying gravity with her free gestures as to move around. She didn't know where she was going, but she knew that it was wonderful to be feeling so free.

But it was nothing but a dream. Just like all the others...


The morning of her first day of her new high school, every surge of excitement was followed by dread, starting after she opened her eyes upon her wake, following by the usual morning amnesia. She wistfully thought of the peaceful hospital, where the only people she had to interact with were her grandparents and her doctor and nurse.

Still! It was like she was a normal teenage girl. Lily stretched, and in her lethargy did the usual morning routine; brushed her teeth, washed her face, changed out of her nightgown to her school uniform, the winter's navy-blue sailor's suit, and combed her hair.

Just like a healthy teenage girl...

Finally, Lily had the sense to check the clock. "Oh dear God!" she said to herself. "I'm running late!" She grabbed her school briefcase, ran downstairs to the genkan, and she hurriedly slipped on her mary-janes. Lily wanted to complain to her grandmother about not waking her up sooner, but she knew she wouldn't...

"I'm leaving now!" she called. "I'll see you later!" And she ran outside.

But that proved to be a mistake, because when she got there, she wasn't feeling too good. It was hurting to breathe. I have to get up better, she thought as she breathed hard. Then I wouldn't have to run.

She slowed to a light jog, then to a walk. Maybe the teacher will be nice, she thought. Maybe the teacher will accept the fact that I'm late.

"Class 3-A...3-A..." Lily whispered to herself as she walked throughout the halls after going to her locker. As soon as she found it, she stood at the entrance, extremely nervous. She sighed, coughed a bit, and entered the classroom.

The teacher, Yoshitomi Fumiko, was a mature woman in her thirties. She looked to Lily and smiled. "Oh yes, the transfer student. This is Kurosu Lily-Sakura."

Lily stood there; frozen. Her heart was pounding. Everyone was staring at her! Finally, she bowed. "How do you do?" she said softly. "Charmed to meet you all."

Someone abruptly stood. "First impressions One!" he said. "You have a blue barrette in your hair that has silvery stars!"Lily took a step back, confused.

"Please sit down, Tanaka," said Yoshitomi-sensei with humourous impatience.

"I'm Minoru Tanaka," said the student. He had black hair and glasses. "Class 3-A's President! So what's your blood-type? Star-sign? Birthplace?"

"What? What? Er..." Lily wanted to run.

"Kurosu, you can just take your seat in the back," said Yoshitomi-sensei, pointing to said desk. Lily obeyed without saying another word.


Tanaka-san came over to Lily during lunch-time, catching her in the midst of a daydream. "Aha! First impressions Two!" he exclaimed abruptly. "Well-cooked meal in dark blue lunch set!"

He grabbed her briefcase.

"Hey, um–" Lily started but the class president cut her off.

"First Impressions Three!" he said. "Chococatkeychain on school bag!" He opened it. "With cute notebooks and pens and erasers and other stuff! Very feminine. Ooh! Strawberry lip balm..." He shuffled through her belongings as if he were a cop.

"So!" Tanaka-san rested his elbows on her desk. "Blood-type? Star-sign? Birthplace?"

"Listen, I–" But Lily was cut off again.

"Tanaka-san, leave her alone, will you?" said a tall young man as he came over. Lily blushed. "I'm sorry, our Class President is very excitable..."

"Oh, it''s okay..."

The other students turned to look at Lily and this handsome boy. "I'm Katsu Inoue, you can just call me Katsu." Lily nodded, unable to say a word. He was very good-looking! He had messy black hair, long and brushing his shoulders, and narrow amber eyes.

"Whoa, what's up with that? She's sitting with one of the cute weirdos," whispering a girl next to her to her friend.

Smiling, Katsu asked, "Want to have lunch with us?" Lily nodded again, and smiled as well.

Katsu called to another boy, another handsome being with long, wavy dark purple hair shadowing his strangely blood red eyes and sweeping his shoulders. Lily looked at him. Now he was interesting! Her heart started to pound again. Katsu's friend looked at her. "I'm Ryuu Hino," he said.

"How do you do..." Lily almost whispered.

She remained quiet for the rest of the lunch period, and the two boys talked, keeping her company. Lily glanced nervously around the room, people were giving her strange stares, which made her realise she was sitting with two of the most handsome yet maybe not very popular boys in the school. But why?

Lily coughed. Oh no, the bad feeling was coming back to her. Blood rose in her throat. This is bad, Lily, she thought to herself. You can't have an attack on your first day of school, you've just started, you can't go back to the hospital...

"What's wrong, Kurosu-san, you're looking very pale," said Hino-san, though his face was unreadable. The bad feeling was gone. The colour came back into Lily's cheeks.

"I-I'm fine..." she said with a smile.

I'm not worthy of anyone's concern...


"I saw you eating lunch with Inoue-kun and Hino-kun!" said a girl as she came up to Lily in the locker room before Phys. Ed. The girl was fully dressed already in full gym uniform, the white shirt and the short red briefs. Lily was changing out of her skirt, so this must've seemed like the umpteenth time she was caught off guard today. "Maybe it's because they liked your big boobs!" She laughed light-heartedly and poked Lily in the breast.

"W-What?" Lily asked. "Well..." She blushed.

"I'm just kidding," said the girl. "But still, like, I don't know, a lot of people are afraid of them even though I personally think they're really cute...especially Katsu..."

Lily saw what looked like painful longing flash in the young girl's face.

"Anyway, I'm Yume Sayuri Aomiya! Just call me Yume." This girl was vivacious, and Lily recalled seeing her being surrounded by friends during lunch hour, so she assumed she was popular.

Lily smiled. "Just call me Lily," she said.

"Lily, huh? Are you American?" Yume asked with loud interest.

"Well, I was born in New York City," Lily replied uncomfortably.

"Whoa! Seriously?" Yume squealed. "I've always dreamed of going there!"

Lily smiled even wider as they talked while walking out of the locker room. "So–what did you and they talk about?" Yume asked. The girl was fixing her auburn pigtails, blonde highlights distinguishable in her layered bangs.

The blonde girl named Lily tried to remember, putting her finger to her lips; "Kurosu-san, would you like to meet us after school?" Ryuu asked.

Lily looked at him, blushing. "S-Sure..." she said. "Where? When?"

"Um, like, the front of the school, right around the end of class. Katsu and I are free all afternoon," Ryuu replied. Katsu nodded in agreement.

And the boys went on talking, Lily blushing to herself.

"Well, they invited to me to hang out with them after school," she said finally.

"Aomiya, stop interrogating Kurosu," said another girl as she came up to them, her arms crossed. She looked very stern, her bespectacled chocolate brown eyes hard and her face pulled in sort of a condescending frown.

"Um, I'm not interrogating her," Yume defended. "What's your problem, Suzuki?"

"Listen, we all know how boy-crazy you are," said the girl identified as Suzuki. She then turned to Lily under Yume's glare. "I'm Hachiko Suzuki." She smiled.

Lily smiled in return. "Nice to meet you," she said. "You can just call me Lily."

"Oh okay, and you can call me Hachi then."

Lily was happy; she made friends for life.

"People have been talking about it all over the place," Lily overheard. She glanced at few of her classmates.

"Yeah, it's like, weird though," said the other. "Is it really a spirit?"

"Spirit?" Lily asked.

"Yeah, there's some glowing entity flying around the city, I've heard," Hachi explained. Yume nodded. Lily's eyes widened. Her dream was about...that...

"There's some legend of a girl who would be our Guardian from the Demons," Hachi said. Yume frowned, but didn't say a word.

After classes as Lily strolled out aimlessly into the schoolyard, her heart was pounding and her face was flushed. She waited for a couple of minutes, staring off into space, and jumped as she heard someone call her.

Lily turned, seeing Katsu and Ryuu, and her face was dusted with a deeper red. "So, um, what are we doing?" Lily asked nervously. "Where do you want to go?"

The boys thought for a moment, then smiled brightly. "Let's go get ice cream!" they suggested. Lily giggled, feeling less tension as she followed them out of campus.

"Kurosu," Ryuu said after a bit. "I need to ask you something."


"Do you know of the Kami?"

"The Kami? Well, not particularly..." Lily replied, very mystified.

"It can wait, Ryuu," Katsu almost whispered.

"What?" Lily was confused, they obviously knew something she didn't. "...Is there something...I should know?"

The boys looked at each other, seemingly hesitant to reveal anything just yet.

"How about we go to my house later?" Lily suggested quietly. Whatever it was, she felt she needed to know...

They sat in her room later, sipping tea. "Now...what is this, may I ask?" Lily said in all curiosity. She was nervous, a little hesitant to ask. Lily never knew much of the world, anyway.

"There's been rumours that a radiant being has been flying around Tokyo," Ryuu said after slight hesitation. Lily's eyes widened, and nodded, remembering what Hachi was explaining and...her dream.

"Yeah..." Lily nodded.

" can we put it," Katsu started. "It's true. And that's not the end of it..." He looked at Ryuu. "The fact is, the person everyone's talking you."

Lily stared. Unable to say a word.

"Now she's gonna think we're crazy," Katsu muttered to Ryuu and sighed.

"Oh no, I believe you," she finally said, and both boys looked at her in slight surprise.

"Because I've had dreams like that, where I would be flying around Tokyo at night," she said, smiling uneasily.

The boys smiled back. "Well, yeah, because you're the Guardian," Ryuu replied. "At night, that's when your powers fully manifest, and gives you out-of-body experiences, because your spirit self inside is eager to awaken."

"So they weren't really dreams," added Katsu with a nod.

"Alright, so, how do I awaken my spirit self?" Lily asked, her head tilted.

"The first time you want to protect someone," Ryuu said after trying to remember. "Y'see, we all are under grave danger. There are creatures who are infected by something called the Amatsu virus, thus driving them to insanity and possessing them to go on violent rages."

"And as a Princess of Pink Snow, or the Princess Sakura, really, it's your job to stop and purify these beings before they hurt anyone," Katsu continued, and then with a grin he added, "With our help, of course."

"I'm a...what? And yeah, how do you guys know about this all? Nobody else really seems to know," she asked.

"You're a Princess of Pink Snow; your namesake, but actually, it's the fact that it's the name of the megami that resides in you, yet we don't know any more details," Ryuu explained. "And also, we know about this because we are Shinigami. Everyone else is a douche."

"Shinigami...?" Lily was bewildered.

"Angels of death, to put it one way," Ryuu said.

"Yeah, I've never heard of it before," Lily giggled. "Well, why are you on this protecting thing?"

"We have a sad job, actually," said Katsu. Lily's face fell, gazing at the solemn faces of the two boys.

"Why?" she asked sadly.

"It's sad, but it's surprisingly not very common," Ryuu said. "So you really don't have much to worry about."

Lily didn't say anything, instead she took a sip of her tea, staring ahead in wonder.

"You'll be okay," Katsu assured her.

"So, why is it me, that's chosen?" Lily asked, changing the subject.

The boys shrugged. "Destiny?" they suggested.

"I don't know," Lily softly said. "I mean, in all honesty, I..." The boys looked at her. "I didn't think something like this would happen to me." She was going to say she was waiting to die, but she wasn't going to start some dramatic act of pity. It wasn't her. She wasn't comfortable telling them about it.

"Why not?" Ryuu asked.

"Just...because," Lily replied.

"Now that's the worst excuse ever," he declared, and she stared at him in surprise. "Tell us, why can't it be you?"

"It's because of your tumor, isn't it?" Katsu asked softly. Ryuu sighed as Lily nodded slightly, much to Katsu's surprise.

"I thought so," Ryuu said in a hushed tone.

"How did you know?" Lily said through a struggle, she wasn't feeling too good again.

"Because I smell your blood," Katsu replied solemnly.

It was as if on cue, Lily found it hard to breathe, pain taking over her chest. She threw a coughing fit, doubling over and bending down low to the floor. Menacing blood trickled through her fingers.

She felt their hands on her shoulder, their voices unintelligible. She lay on her side, and shortly afterwards, the heaving pain was gone, a strange warmth coming from their hands and pulsating throughout her body. There was blood on her hands, and on the floor, she found as she opened her eyes.

"You alright?" Katsu asked with utmost worry.

"I'm fine, now," Lily found herself replying to her own surprise.

"You will be with us around," Ryuu said. Lily looked at him in curiosity. "One of our minor powers is to heal."

Lily smiled at him in all gratitude. In fact, she was smiling like that when they lumbered outside again, though silent amongst the boyish chatter emanating from her two new male companions. In fact, out of habit, she wandered off into her daydreams again, thoughts astray in the laughing bliss, and she knew, that this was to change her life forever.

The trio, Lily and the boys, had changed out of their uniforms later. The boys were wearing band shirts, dark ripped jeans, Ryuu his bondage jacket, and Katsu his hoodie. They were off into Harajuku, which Lily hadn't realised until around fifteen seconds later. And she burst out; "Whoa! Are we in Harajuku?" with stars clear in her eyes.

The boys turned to her at once, looking like they were going to demand, "Are you for reals??" But instead they sighed and shook their heads. People and fellow classmates stared at the three of them, wondering how this came to be.

Well, in all honesty, Lily was a revelation on what a space case she was. When she was expected to be in conversation, she was, to no one's surprise, off with her head in the clouds. And with that she got lost. Seven times. I counted.

"Damn it, where'd she go?" Katsu cried out for what seemed like more than seven times. "She wanders off all the time!!" Ryuu himself was annoyed, but he knew the Lolita-clad blonde couldn't have gone far. They would recognise her from a distance without effort.

Lily was pressing her face against a window leading into a shop containing cute Sanrio merchandise. She forgot all about the boys and her mind was dancing with Chococat and Charmmy Kitty. She jumped at the voice Minoru Tanaka himself, Class 3-A's President, crying; "Kurosu-chan ♥!"

Lily blushed in her awkwardness. "U-um, hullo Tanaka-san," she stuttered, wanting to run and hide behind one of the boys. If only they were here!

"You by yourself?" Tanaka-san asked, blushing slightly himself.

"No," Lily replied promptly, wishing to God that Ryuu and Katsu were here. She looked frantically elsewhere, trying to comb them out through the crowd. They were hard to miss, they looked like they would be members of a Visual Kei band. Her large, misty blue eyes scanned the area, but they were no where to be seen.

"Who are you with?" Tanaka-san's tone of voice lowered slightly in a sort of disappointment. He stared at her, wondering why she wasn't looking at him. "What's wrong?"

"Am with Katsu Inoue and Ryuu Hino," Lily replied casually, giggling slightly to ease the weight of the tension. Tanaka's face fell. She was with the class weirdos. He knew very well how popular with girls they were, undoubtedly handsome. But even then, hardly anyone dared go near the two of them because of their slightly malicious pranks and revels. And they just acted so...strange.

"Why are you with them?" Tanaka almost demanded, his heart sinking.

"Because they're fun and cool," Lily replied cheerfully, smiling widely. Tanaka fell.

"You're not of the girls who have crushes on them, do you?" he asked, clearing his throat.

"Why, no..." Lily said, blushing but answering casually. She had stopped looking for the boys, but was still not looking at him. "We're just kindred spirits."

Kindred spirits...? Tanaka didn't seem to be fazed by that. But he seemed happy that she didn't look at the two boys that way.

"Do...they like you?" Tanaka almost was afraid to ask that question. If they both liked her it would've been the Apocalypse. Lily smiled with her response.

"Yes!" she chirped, clearly not understanding what he meant. He choked on his soda, to which Lily's face fell. "Whatever's the matter?"

"N-Nothing..." Tanaka wiped his face on his sleeve and scowled darkly towards the side.

"There they are!" Lily announced. "Ryuu-san! Katsu-san! Over here!"

Both boys walked over, about to scold Lily like parents until they spotted their hyper class president. Lily was relieved, and she smiled again. "There was a bunch of Sanrio stuff I saw and liked," she said as to explain herself.

They paid no mind to her, instead, to the glaring bespectacled boy. "What's with the look, Harry Potter?" Katsu asked. "It's like you have shit on your upper lip." Lily giggled uncontrollably to the saying.

Tanaka looked down and furiously mumbled something. Then walked away. "I'm watching you!!" Ryuu burst out, pointing at the retreating figure menacingly.

Lily was laughing hard now. The boys looked at her without any sort of expression on their faces. "Okay, it wasn't that funny," Ryuu said. He looked at his best friend. "She laughs at everything." Katsu shrugged.

"What time do you have to be home?" Katsu asked.

"Ten, I think," Lily replied, putting her finger to her lips. "My grandparents get pretty worried about me easily."

"That sucks!" Ryuu exclaimed abruptly. Lily turned to him at once in surprise, and also, Katsu did too, but then smiled.

We laughed as if we were old friends, like children. To laugh felt so beautiful.

Well into the evening, when the skies were dyed with various shades of pink, gold and lavender, the three were at a café, cleaning their plates of delectable sweets.

"You need a hobby, Lily," Ryuu concluded, before noticing the strawberry parfait all over her face and chuckling secretly to Katsu.

"I've a hobby!" Lily protested, missing her mouth with half the spoonful she scooped again. "I like drawing and writing..."

"Yeah, I draw and write too, but that's not it that are my hobbies!" Ryuu said, smiling though, because of the sweet treat that was decorating her face. "Oh my God...Lily, here, you got stuff all over your face..." And he wiped her face with his napkinwhich caused her to blush deeply.

Katsu choked on his petit fours from laughing, his eyes tearing. "That looked so wrong, Lily!" he burst out. But he stopped laughing shortly thereafter, attentive of something that seemed to catch him off guard.

"What is it, Hunter?" Ryuu asked, using a name that seemed to be not Katsu's. "You smell something?"

"I smell blood," Katsu replied quietly, almost dangerously. "It's human blood, and plenty of it." They both looked at Lily, who finally noticed what was going on.

"But I feel fine," Lily said, clear in discomfort under the boys' stares.

"I know," Katsu said briefly before looking off into the distance. "It's a lot more blood than the amount that runs in your veins. It's sickening."

The two boys took off, and Lily followed them in curiosity. What was going on? They ran out of the café, and into the night. "Hey–you didn't pay!" were the last words Lily heard in the café. They were definitely faster than her, but she didn't care. Lily heart was pounding to the mix of the many different emotions she was feeling at the moment.

In some time, they came to a stop in front of an area covered with blood and mutilated bodies. Lily felt sick, feeling like she was in some horror movie. "It's a work of art done by something sick with the Amatsu virus," Katsu claimed.

Ryuu nodded. "We must be on our guards," he said, cat eyes searching through the darkened, nauseating area. Up ahead, he spotted a long figure standing in the depths of a nearby alleyway.

Class 3-A's President; Minoru Tanaka.

"Tanaka-san?" Lily called out. "Is that you?"

Minoru Tanaka was drenched with blood, leaning against the wall and panting heavily. Without thinking, Lily ran up to him. "Tanaka-san!" she said. "Are you alright?"

"Lily–no!" Ryuu called after her, ready to run after her. "Be careful!"

"K-Kurosu-chan..." Tanaka almost whispered with difficulty. Lily held his arm, face contorted with worry.

"It'll be alright, Tanaka-san," Lily tried to assure him. "We're going to save you, we're going to beat that evil thing!"

"No you can't..." Tanaka said, more clearly, which was unnerving. He shoved her away, changing horribly in front of her. His back knotted grotesquely, spine protruding terribly, his hands gnarled and clawed and his hair thinning and lengthening in the back. His bloodied spectacles dropped to the ground and cracked. He was changing to a complete monster.

"Lily!" Ryuu called to her. Black, enormous wings unfurled from his back. He and Katsu had transformed as well. Both looking like Death, with black, thin, ripped hoodies, chains, bondage pants, entirely in black, and both wielding large scythes.

Katsu had black-and-red striped arm gauntlets and studded wrist bands. He had white wings, wolf ears and tail, dog collar and a black spiked ring around his blood red eye for facial markings. Ryuu on the other hand had cat ears and a tail, violet fishnet gauntlets, spiked wrist bands, an ankh on his collar and dark violet paint ran down from his eyes. Both were sickly pale, as if they were dead.

We are the Shinigami Raven and Hunter.

Ryuu flew towards the thing used to be known as their class president.

We have come to reap your soul for your time has come.

Katsu also flew towards it, right behind Ryuu. Tanaka beared razor sharp teeth, saliva dripping from his mouth. Bird-like claws swiped at them, but like hummingbirds, they swiftly flew around his attacks. Ryuu, or Raven, attacked first out of the two. From the tip of his wicked scythe, a flaming, menacing pyro flared. Katsu, otherwise known as Hunter, followed him along by shooting a bright, powerful beam of energy straight at the monster.

Lily could only do as much as watch in horror. She sat on the ground, coiled against the brick wall, not wanting to look but looking anyway.

There are creatures who are infected by something called the Amatsu virus, thus driving them to insanity and possessing them to go on violent rages.

We Shinigami have a sad job, actually...

Caught off guard, Hunter was hit to the ground after taking a blow to his stomach, blood running on the floor. Lily gasped and ran to him. "Katsu!!"

"No, Lily, you retard!" Ryuu shouted, barely dodging the infected human.

"Please help, Lily," Katsu made out with effort. "You must protect everyone."

"I couldn't protect those poor people who were killed...I couldn't protect you," Lily choked, eyes welling up with tears.

"Just fucking do something already!!" Ryuu shouted from above, burning what used to be Tanaka with his fire spell again.

The first time you want to protect someone...

Lily did want to protect someone. She wanted to protect her two new friends–she's the Guardian now, this role was entrusted to her, quiet, awkward Lily Sakura who never made any waves. The Tanaka Monster swiped its claws down towards them, but something stopped it, as a light blew from the spot Lily knelt.

At that moment, I felt like I was in a different world. I felt like I was underwater. Being underwater was a wonderful feeling. Like laughing.

There Lily Sakura stood, as the Guardian, the Princess of Pink Snow. She was radiant, with white hair and a short light blue kimono with a lacy underskirt. She has a violet obi, with a pink ribbon tied in front. She also had a necklace, sakura in her hair, garter, violet ribbons tied around her hands, a Chinese Dragon tattoo coiling around her right thigh. Her feet were done up in violet heels, ribbons wrapped around her ankles and lower calves. In her hands were two battle fans.

Her arms were in some sort cross position, held up in front of her, fans out and unfolded.

"Finally!" Raven shouted. Lily nodded, and as if by instinct, she sped up the wall, jumping back and twirling. Spiralling water emanated from her fans, and she was surprised by her own ability. The Tanaka Monster's skin was eaten by the water emerging from her fans, which was surprising as well.

In fact, this whole thing was nothing like she ever experienced before. She expected to land on the ground, but instead she was floating. She was flying! Raven's eyes glowed from under his hair and hood and his shadow materialised, twisted into a ball and taking over the monster. He used this spell several times, as Lily performed the water spell several times on her own. It was the only spell she knew so far. But Raven's was very effective. Hunter had joined in again, with his own shadow spell.

The monster was replaced by a shirtless, ugly, dying Minoru Tanaka eventually. The holy water had eaten him down. He was deformed and mutilated. Lily ran over to him, kneeling over him. "He's still alive," Raven said grimly, standing over the two of them. "But barely. The Amatsu Virus has taken over him completely." Lily's heart skipped a beat. What will happen now? She had to save him, that's what.

Her hands glowed warmly over his body. "Lily–no," Hunter said.

"You can't save him," Raven said.

Lily found that out herself. Her spell didn't work. Tears poured down her cheeks. "Kurosu-chan..." she heard Tanaka whisper, and she gasped. "Save me...Kurosu-chan..."

"Lily, no!!" the Shinigami protested. But she wasn't listening. Her hands hovered over him again, and in a split second, he grabbed her, and pulled himself on top of her.

"I know you can't wait to die, Kurosu-chan!!" he cackled. Lily struggled to get free, with all her might. But then, there was a thud, and stood behind was Ryuu, his scythe dug through Tanaka's back. Blood splattered Lily's waist. Tanaka collapsed onto her in a lifeless heap.

Lily didn't scream. She wasn't a screamer. She instead pulled herself out from under him and stared at him in utmost horror. Sobbing, she leaned over his body. "My blood-type is A! My sign is Virgo! And I came from New York City..." Lily covered her face in her hands and backed away.

She watched as Raven knelt down and picked up Tanaka in his arms, baring sharp fangs and digging them into their former class president's neck. He was drinking the rest of Minoru Tanaka's blood.

"When humans are infected with the Amatsu virus, it's rare for them to be saved," Hunter explained solemnly. "They are sinned creatures, so we have to kill them. Raven is of vampiric blood, so he sucks the rest of their dirtied blood out of them."

Lily was sick. She backed away from the two of them, the two of which mercilessly killed without remorse. They were so emotionless, so cold, so cruel...why? She covered her mouth, unable to complete a sentence. The two stared at her almost expectantly.

"Y-you...You guys are murderers!!" she cried out, fresh hot tears pouring down her cheeks.

"Wait, Lily, we can explain," Hunter started. But she had already turned on her heel and leapt off.

"Lily!!" they called after her, but she had disappeared without any sort of trace.

end of 1st danse

subject: Lily Sakura Kurosu

age: 17

height: 167 cm.

hair: Short, light blonde

eyes: Big and blue

fashion: Gothic Lolita

school: Shinsengumi High

likes: Cute things, sweets, flowers

dislikes: Arguing and attention

hobby: Karaoke, drawing, writing stories

sign: Virgo

bloodtype: A+

personality: Dreamy, shy, childish, quiet

notes: -Has a tumour in her chest

-Princess of Pink Snow