Here's a question for every girl who believes in fairytale romances. For every girl who dreams of one but most fail to get. This is for every and anyone out there whose ever been in love, and even for those who just have high faith in it.

Is the term: love at first sight; even real? Can you really just fall in love with someone of the opposite sex within your first sight of the person?

Sounds like magic to me, and I stopped believing in magic at 5.

Many have tried to prove me wrong and change my perspective, and many have failed. I guess you can say I'm a very opinionated person who will not change her standpoint on an issue unless given evidence.

Now don't get me wrong I never said I didn't believe in love itself. For that's a completely different story.

So back to the one I was getting ready to tell. Yes; it's true I don't believe in love at first sight but…what about love at first message? Can you fall in love with someone in a message? With their words, emotion, and feelings? This I do believe in, very strongly actually.

Think I'm undoubtedly insane? This is far truer than you imagine.

Or are you a bit skeptical? Well I'm sure I can fix that with one story. A true, real, actual story about how with one message from him she fell; hard.

No this isn't some ordinary everyday love story you read. It's different and unique. It's sweet and still bitter. Funny but deadly serious. Real...and yet still magical. It happened to me and be glad I'm finally ready to share it.

I understand if you stop reading now and go on to live your life without knowing a bit about mine. Understandable. I'll understand if you read halfway through and say "Just another love story". Even when truth is its not. I'm an understandable person, stubborn, but understandable. I'll also understand if you read this story and think it's about.

A completely deranged teenager set to live life even when its giving her a hard time.

A boy who will do anything to see that one girl smile even when he cant put on a smile himself

How life can be cruel but at the end it has something in store for you.

Or a relationship that defies every fairytale known to man/woman.

But if that's what you do think after your done reading I'm sorry to inform you that you're wrong. This is a story about all of the above and how they come together in my life.

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way.

But it did.

One warning before you do carry on and read:

Expect the unexpected.

Get ready for the unthinkable.