Behind My Eyes

Prologue - Mark

I know that, technically, it wasn't my entire fault. I've had friends tell me that, counsellors tell me that, my own parents tell me that, but somehow, I've just never been the same. Somehow, I still hold myself responsible for everything that has happened lately.

I, like so many other kids in the school, am guilty. Not because of what I did do, but because of what I didn't do. Too many of us just stood by and watched Danny get treated worse and worse, without saying a single word in his defence. If I could go back in time, of course I would change everything. I guess I tried at the end, I can at least say that, but it didn't help much. It turned out Danny didn't just need to be saved from himself.

I never used to know Danny; not the way that I do now. I don't think any of us did… we just never bothered. Not until it was too late. Anyway, if you just have my side of the story, this won't make a lot of sense. So here's the whole story. I haven't been able to get everyone's point of view, and Danny's is mainly from what he told others, and what we obtained from his diary, but it's the best I could do.

This is the story that was never told. This is the story of what kids can do…