A Truer Art to Some

The art of finding is easy to lose

Because you can be sure you eventually will

Misplacing things you assume you'll never use

The last place you look or who you accuse

Of misplacing things, some of which were never real

The art of finding is easy to lose

The hectic morning, where you can't find your shoes

And soon you're making yourself ill

Only finding things you are sure you'll never use

The alarm clock I hid when I couldn't find "snooze"

When the power went off because I couldn't find the bill

The art of finding I always lose

Never finding jewelry; it's some kind of abuse

Soon you're feeling that foreboding chill

As you look for the things you thought you'd never use

The things you misplace are the last things you'd choose

To have disappear, and you don't notice until

You realize: the art of finding is easiest to lose

When looking for a thing you swore you'd never use