My shoes clicked on the pavement.

My cough echoed in the cold.

I wasn't nervous,

I'd made this short journey many times before.


The night air was a tad chilly.

The wind whispered a few gentle goodbyes.

A single star showed through the blackness.

Giving only enough light to see the road.


My thoughts were scattered.

Most seemed centered on my ambitious youth.

Dreams that were slowly disappearing from my life,

Like the smoke from a long lost flame.


I once wished to throw the winning football.

Or to find a cure for some rare disease.

I once dreamed of finding my one true love.

To travel the entire world.


But that night, I just continued my walk home.

Slow and steady like the tortoise.

Even if my day to win the race was long gone.

My journey would end that night.


I heard nothing in the silence.

My fear existed for a single moment

Disappearing with my life.

My ambitions, my dreams, my thoughts were gone in an instant…

The very instant you killed me.