A/N: I revised this chapter, I was told it was confusing...
Chapter 1

"That's what we need, those tinted windows." Bo points forward at the Ford truck in front of them.

"Dude you can still see them fucking smoking through the shadow." Daze comments as the light changes green.

"Yeah, but not as well…"

"Both of you shut the fuck up, it wouldn't make a difference if our windows were tinted or not, we're in a fucking VW bug." Rain shouts from the back.

"You guys don't have to drive with me you know, Rain has a car."

"My car is a bigger piece of crap then yours."

"It's true man, her car is a mobile piece of crap." Shane curls deeper into Rains lap, pulling at strands of her filthy blond hair. "Besides, we like your car, it makes us feel cheap."

"You are cheap!" Daze yelled over the steering wheel.

"Ohh, Dezys mad." Bo teases.

"Go sit in the back Bo."

"Dude I just-"


Bo huffs and crawls into the back of the van. Then the car starts to slow down and pull to a side, the action is met with fury.

"Fuck, Daze, tell me you're not." Rain shouts over Shane's equally filthy blond head.

"Shut up or get the hell out."

"I fucking hate this chick; I don't know that he sees in her." Bo growls out over his fingers, buried in his mouth.

"Daze, hi." Was heard. A mere whisper over the loud car to the trio in the back.

"You want a ride home?" Dazes voice was sickeningly sweet.

"Oh, yeah thanks."

The seatbelt clips over an imposter.

"Hello Penny." It comes out strained, Bo refuse to take his fingers back out of his mouth.

Penny turns around, all pretty, to look at the vagabonds curled up in the back.

"Hey guys, how are you?"

"I'm good." Shane comments, his fingers running over and under Rains shirt.

Penny smiles kindly and turns back around.

"Hate her." Bo seethes with his fingers still in his mouth, Bo starts to drool.

A frustrated click sounds in the back of Rains throat as she pulls Shane off of her, hair falling into her face, and pushes him towards Bo, still biting his fingers, angrier now.

She crawls up to the front seat and leans heavily over the back of pretty Penny's seat, struggling lightly to stand in the moving vehicle.

"And how are you?" She coos out, far to close. Rain has always been the cruelest one out of all of them.

"Fine, may I help you?" She asks, uncomfortable with the proximity.

"I was just wondering when you were going to sleep with Daze?"

"Rain!" Daze shouts, swerving the car, throwing Shane into Bo in the back.

There is a chance that Bo is now drawing blood.

Rain ignores him and slides gracefully closer to Penny, playing innocently with her chained necklace, eyes unfocused, high. No one knows how she got to be so terrible cruel.

"He's been such a good boy lately." She looks into Penny's eyes, deep, lucid. "And you live on the other side of the road, you want him to come and get you everyday, that's why you walk on this side of the road."

Penny licks her lips, she does not know what to say in this game.

The car stops, violently, jerking Rain out of place, nearly sending her to the ground.

"Rain, get out." Daze grinds out.

"Am I home?" she doesn't look out the window, eyes still glued to Penny's.

"Yes, get out."

Rain chews on her lip, opening the door from over Penny's head and slides out over her, ankles first, her feet falling onto the sidewalk with a loud smack.

Daze turns to the back. "You two too."

Bo pulls his fingers out of his mouth. "What, why?"

"Because I said so."

Shane is already halfway out the door with both his and Rains backpacks.

"Fuck you man." Bo mumbles, grabbing his binder and climbing out.

Three very dirty looks are directed at a pale green VW van.

"I hope her pussy tastes like fucking cherry pie!" Rain screams at the car as it pulls away.